Diesel World : 2020-05-01

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sinister® boost Pitbull Series Turbos have a larger billet compressor wheel and upgraded turbine profile. This reduces backpressu­re, increasing flow and power. Get lower EGTS and turnbuckle boost control for easy tuning at elevation and in race situations. filtration sinister® Available for both oil and coolant! Both filter blocks on this Powerstrok­e engine are fully machined in-house to the highest specs and are fi ed with your choice of a CAT or WIX filter and Amsoil extra fine 2 micron oil filter. Removing casting sand and oil sludge are critical and achieved with our top pe orming kits. sinister® airflow (hot) The custom decreased bend design of our hot side intercoole­r pipe creates less turbulence and more dense cooler air immediatel­y from the turbo. Maste ully back-purged TIG welded aluminum constructi­on keeps air cooler than stock steel. electrical sinister® We offer 200 - 320 amp Sinister Alternator­s for almost every truck. This 6.0L option has our custom machined billet housing design made in California. Built with upgraded high output regulator and high-temp bearings. sinister® INTAKE systems Provide quicker turbo spool-up and thro le response. This is especially helpful when racing or towing heavy loads. This Cold Air Intake is CNC mandrel bent 4” diameter aluminum tubing with an oversized re-usable co on fiber Sinister Filter (pat. pending.) Engineered and fabricated in-house. (888) 995-7833 LIVE TECHS PROUDLY DISTRIBUTE­D BY