Fast Company : 2020-06-01

Wci : 61 : 59


WCI 02 03 04 Situated on top of a lamp base’s button, it can be turned on and off with a fist or an elbow. It snaps onto the corners of a compartmen­t, clearly identifyin­g a shelf’s boundaries. It snaps onto a door and can be opened with a forearm, rather than just the fingers. MEGA SWITCH: SPOT-ON SHELF: EASY HANDLE: 06 07 08 Fits onto the sidebar of a bed so a drinking glass can be accessible to those who can’t reach a nightstand. The oversize handle The handle SNAP CUP: POPUP HANDLE: CURTAIN GRIPPER: replaces smaller knobs, making it snaps into place at the edge of a shower curtain to provide a better grip. easier to open a drawer or door with your forearm or entire hand. 10 11 12 This fits onto the top of a bookcase to hold an angled mirror, allowing easy visibility of the highest shelves. These can be added Worn like a ring, it has a compartmen­t to hold an implement, enabling those who INSIDER: COUCH LIFTS: FINGER BRUSH: onto the legs of any couch, raising its height and making it easier for sitting and standing. can’t grip to draw and paint. ILLUSTRATI­ONS BY JORGE CUADAL CALLE MAY/JUNE 2020