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Your Cookbook : 13 : 11

Your Cookbook

From Leyna, 10, OH follow the directions. and page 96 Go to SEND US YOUR RECIPE! Star Recipe 11 ¾ 3. Mix cake crumbs with of the jar of icing to form in “dough.” Chill “dough” roll fridge for 5 minutes, then firm. into balls and chill until for 60 seconds. 4. Microwave almond bark continue to heat in Stir thoroughly and then until smooth. Pour over 15-second increments them into the melted balls to fully coat, or dip almond bark. to hardened. If you want 5. Cool until outer layer has on top. sprinkle cinnamon sugar make them look fancier, Vanilla Almond Spice Cake Balls INGREDIENT­S: • 1 box spice cake mix icing • 1 tub cream cheese bark • 1 pack vanilla almond DIRECTIONS: to bake 1. Follow box instructio­ns cake. cool for 2. After baking, let cake crumble 30 minutes. Once cool, finer the cake in a large bowl. The crumbs, the better. CAREFUL: These recipes should be made with an adult. Reader Recipe

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