Girls' World : 2020-01-01

Your Celeb Scoop : 33 : 31

Your Celeb Scoop

Entertainm­ent value GOOFING OFF Teachable moments The Healing Powers of Dude SOPHIE SAYS: DOG DAYS GLAM DIGS 31 watch the “I think your readers should can relate to show because every kid school, making having to start at a new where they belong,” friends and figuring out make Sophie smiles. “These experience­s comedy. And of for a heartwarmi­ng family who plays Dude, is course, Murphy, the dog absolutely adorable!” While she knows will entertain you, Sophie also hopes it’ll teach you some important lessons. “I’d like to believe that viewers will come away with a sense of belonging and compassion for others. Be there for your friends and they’ll be there for you. Additional­ly, I expect that this show will bring some light to the reality of living with physical and mental disabiliti­es.” “My costar Mauricio (who plays Simon, another one of Noah’s friends) could not seem to go a single meal without dropping food onto his costume, which made for an interestin­g relationsh­ip with the costume department,” Sophie laughs. “Towards the end of filming, Mauricio got a snack from craft services as soon as he arrived on set, and that costume literally didn’t see screen time at all. I was ready with “Oops! ... I Did It Again” on Spotify when the costume team arrived to fix the issue.” “AUTHENTIC REPRESENTA­TION IS SO IMPORTANT!” uses a In real life, Sophie her character. wheelchair just like matters so much! Find out why that

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