Girls' World : 2020-01-01

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Your Feature

the more “I’m probably one, and independen­t the kind of be Maya can one!” Addy, wild and crazy grade, who’s in third who’s a laughs. Maya, chimes in first grader, I think we’re with: “Hey! and crazy!” both wild Addy and Maya’s holiday wish list These toys come recommende­d by the experts! Addy and Maya created and helped Hugs design the XOXO toy line and XOXO Friends even their parents! “We with the names got to help pick figures, for the collectibl­e was super fun!” which Addy says. Addy’s picks: MAYA’S picks: XOXO Light Up Unicorn Hugs “It’s packed full of fun — it includes an adorable Light-up Unicorn Hug!” Rainbocorn­s Big Bow Surprise “Kids not only get to hatch open a giant, golden egg to reveal a fluffy Rainbocorn plush, but they’ll also find 25 layers of surprises that include hair bows, pencil toppers and slap brac Blinger “It’s a glam styling tool that allows you to create fun new looks by blinging anything from your hair to your sunglasses to your clothing, and it’s super easy to use!” Foam Alive Twisty Petz “It’s a squishy, fluffy foam that seems to melt and come alive at the same time. Once you start playing with it, you can’t stop! Ow “They’re sparkly gems that can twist and transform from a pet into a cute and stylish bracelet!” “It’ ado owl that you feed and actually tea from its nes

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