Girls' World : 2020-01-01

Your World Of Fun : 71 : 69

Your World Of Fun

Hilarious JOKES Meg Donnelly can’t stop Loling! WHAT DO ELVES LEARN IN SCHOOL? WHEN IT TIME IS 13? WHAT STRIKES CLOCK THE The elfabet! clock! WHAT’S THE ANGRIEST VEGETABLE? a new get Time to WHAT DO BOOKS WEAR IN COLD WEATHER? NEVER AFRAID? A steamed carrot! They have nerves of steel! Jackets! KNOCK-KNOCK TIME KNOCK, KNOCK KNOCK, KNOCK KNOCK, KNOCK Who’s there? Who’s there? WOODEN SHOE! STOPWATCH! Who’s there? Stopwatch who? HO HO! Wooden shoe who? STOPWATCH YOU’RE DOING AND LET US INSIDE! Ho ho who? WOODEN SHOE LIKE TO GO CAROLING? Chinguun Sergelen thinks these jokes belong on All That! SANTA, IS THAT YOU?

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