Girls' World : 2020-01-01

Your Case To Solve : 73 : 71

Your Case To Solve

71 Who pushed Ellie down the slide? At first, Ellie thought Jessica pushed her. She quickly ruled that out, though, because Jessica was standing too far behind her. she waited until So Megan slid down the after her so slide she could ask her anything. BFF if she saw When Megan made revealed it down, she she was the one who pushed Ellie! Megan explained that she saw how nervous Ellie was and knew Ellie wouldn’t go down herself, so she helped make decision for the her. Megan apologized for pushing to Ellie her, realizing she took too far. things Ellie forgave her immediatel­y. appreciate­d She that Megan gave she her the push needed (literally!) to face her fears. end, Ellie loved In the the snowy slide so that she much fun suggested they go down again!

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