Girls' World : 2020-01-01

Your Obsession : 75 : 73

Your Obsession

CELEBS’ SPARKLING STYLE: took Marsai Martin outfit to her glittery with the next level makeup. matching eye The science behind why you love glitter: Jojo Siwa’s b blue body gl and top mak the glitter qu Humans are naturally drawn to shiny things. Why? We associate them with water. Researcher­s originally thought people liked glittery objects over plain ones because glitter looks fancier or more expensive. But after conducting a study, they discovered humans like shiny objects because we have an instinct for water, and glitter remind us of this basic need! glitzy With her gown, and earrings flawlessly Wylie Sofia glitter from rocked head-to-toe. Taylor Swift added touch of shine to he performanc­e look

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