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Your Favorite Animals : 86 : 84

Your Favorite Animals

your favorite animals BODYLANGU — howls or growls Forget about barks, to communicat­e use silent cues many animals world!). other (and the with each When a bunny has its ears back, it means … It’s content! If you spot a bunny with its ears down and relaxed, it’s letting everyone know it feels happy and satisfied. On the other hand, if a bunny’s ears are down but seem stiff or aren’t touching its back, that could be a sign the bunny is frightened. When a cobra inflates its hood, it means … Its venom is on its way! When a cobra flattens its neck, the skin on its ribs will spread out and create a “hood.” Cobras do this whenever they are disturbed or feel like they are in danger. It’s a warning sign to predators that they’re ready to attack with their deadly venom if they need to! When elephants rub against each other, it means … They’re showing their affection! Elephants are incredibly empathetic, which means they can sense when another animal is feeling down, scared or upset. An elephant will softly rub against its fellow elephant friend to let it know that it’s there for them. Think of it as a gentle pat on the back or hug. Body LANGUAGE !

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