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Your Favorite Animals : 88 : 86

Your Favorite Animals

ANIMAL ANSWERS! Go to page 96 and follow the directions. SEND US YOUR ANIMAL QUESTIONS! HOW DO PENGUINS WALK ON ICE? — Ella, 9, KY While penguins’ bodies are covered in feathers, you might have noticed that their feet are bare. But that’s not a bad thing — it in their legs that are able to control the blood flow in their feet and adjust their temperatur­e. WHY IS MY DOG’S NOSE ALWAYS WET? — Harper, 10, NM is because reasons. One reason be wet for a variety of You dog’s nose can dog’s of the inner part of a mucus often come out thin layers of sweat normal!). Dogs also top of it (this is totally nose and sit on the down, so your pupper’s noses in order to cool through their paws and it’s overheated. wet nose could mean DO FISH SLEEP UNDERWATER? 8, FL Fish do sleep, and there are a few ways you can tell if the underwater animals are dozing off. One of the most popular ways fish sleep is by drifting, which is when they stop swimming and just let themselves drift with the water’s current while they rest. Another way is by burrowing into the sand or sinking to the bottom of their aquarium to “play dead” when they’re really just napping. — Andi, CAN REINDEER REALLY HAVE RED NOSES? — Kennedy, 7, NC Move over, Rudolph — you’re not the only red-nosed reindeer in town! A small fraction of reindeer really do have red noses. The rosy color is caused by packed blood vessels — 25% more than reindeer normally have — located near the skin’s surface. The extra blood vessels help protect the creatures’ noses from freezing in cold temperatur­es.

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