Girls' World : 2020-01-01

Your Famous Pet : 93 : 91

Your Famous Pet

your famous pet Stella! MEET REECE’S CAT, “I love seeing how curious she is about everything,” Reece says. Hi, Stella! Can you tell us how you joined Reece’s family? I joined the Caddell family last year! Reece and her family were looking for a kitten to bring home and they found me at a local animal shelter. They thought I was superfrien­dly, and they loved that I came right up to them and meowed. We love your name! Is it short for anything? Officially, my full name is Stellaluna Smudgeface. It’s a combinatio­n of all the names Reece and her family voted on when they were trying to choose mine. Since they all had their favorite names, they decided to blend them together for my whole name, but they call me “Stella” for short. How cute! Do they have any other fun nicknames for you? Their favorite is Stella Marshmall-a because they think my face looks like a roasted marshmallo­w. Sometimes they also call me “Stellar.” I have a lot of nicknames! When’s your birthday? Because I’m a shelter kitty, my family doesn’t know my real birthday, but they decided that we’d celebrate my birthday every year on July 27 because that’s when they brought me home. That’s so sweet! What are some things you and Reece like to do together? I like doing whatever she’s doing! I love watching her draw and do her homework because I get to attack and chew on her pencil. Has Reece taught you any cool tricks? She taught me how to play fetch! She’ll toss a crumbled ball of paper, and then I’ll go get it and bring it back to her. She thinks it’s funny because I’m a cat, not a dog. It’s almost New Year’s! What’s a resolution you and Reece have for 2020? I think we should make our downtime more so snuggly in 2020! Reece’s life can be busy, I can help her chill more. I think having cuddle time a lot more will help us both. Have you ever been to the set of Reece’s show, All That? No — but not because I don’t want to visit her at work. It’s because I don’t really like to travel. Even when I have to travel for short distances, I’m unhappy. Do you watch it on TV? action in Yeah! I like that there is so much the TV when I it, and I love to bat my paw at on the screen. see everyone move around What’s a secret only you can tell us about Reece? She loves belting out musical theater tunes in her room when nobody is around but me! I love it when she dramatical­ly sings songs from Beetlejuic­e … and Cats, of course. Why’s Reece the best cat owner? day that She’s so sweet! From the first the shelter, she brought me home from welcome. she’s made me feel safe and

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