Girls' World : 2020-01-01

Your Future : 97 : 95

Your Future

Aries Leo 95 This holiday season, you’ll bond with your parents over a new cookies. Together, you guys will start a new tradition. Taurus Inviting someone you don’t know very well to sit with you at lunch will be the start of a new friendship. Before you know it, your circle of friends will expand by one. Gemini You’ll be feeling extra generous this December. That’s why taking of your BFFS over winter break is the perfect activity for your crew. Cancer When it comes to giving holiday presents, don’t stress about special meaning behind them, like a cute framed photo, are always the best option. Virgo Libra You love being on-the-go, but instead of being super-active your time off relaxing. A little “me” time will lead you to an unexpected discovery. You’ll feel a little distant from one of your buds this winter. Asking sledding will be a great way to reconnect and repair your neglected friendship. Thanks to your ruling planet, Venus, your confidence will grow this winter. Your new attitude will inspire your friends to be their best selves, too! Scorpio A misunderst­anding with a bud will cause more drama than necessary if you don’t address it right away. Things will bounce back to normal after you chat about it.

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