Los Angeles Times : 2019-02-11



A8 MONDAY, FEBRUARY 11, 2019 LATIMES.COM LOCAL PUBLIC NOTICE On January 7, 2019, an application was filed with the Federal Communications Commission for consent to transfer control of the license of KTLA, Channel 31, Los Angeles, California, from shareholders of Tribune Media Company (Transferor) to Nexstar Media Group, Inc. (Transferee). A copy of the application and related material is available for public inspection at www.fcc.gov. The executive officers, directors and 10 percent or greater shareholders of Transferor are: Oaktree Tribune, L.P.; Peter Kern; Ross Levinsohn; Peter E. Murphy; Laura R. Walker; Craig A. Jacobson; Chandler Bigelow III; Brian F. Litman; Jack Rodden; Patrick M. Shanahan; Gary Weitman; Thomas G. Caputo; Christopher N. Hochschild; Shaun M. Sheehan; and Joe Sinclair. The officers and directors of the proposed transferee, Nexstar Media Group, Inc., are: Perry Sook; Thomas Carter; Elizabeth Ryder; Brett Jenkins; Blake Russell; Dione Rigsby; Randall Bradford; Patrick Cusick; Terri Bush; Charles Pautsch; Geoff Armstrong; Dennis FitzSimons; Jay Grossman; Lisbeth McNabb; Thomas McMillen; Dennis Miller; John Muse; and I. Martin Pompadour.

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