New York Daily News : 2021-01-24

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67 DAILY NEWS NYDailyNew­ Sunday, January 24, 2021 BILL MADDEN BASEBALL TO HALL WITH THEM Unsavory candidates have us hoping for HOF shutout Curt Schilling, Roger Barry Bonds Babe Ruth’s Clemens Rosenthal, ⅓ I AP Derek Jeter, Ted Simmons David Larry Walker sportsmans­hip character” clause in our voting instructio­ns for a reason. As I’ve said on a number of occasions, if you want me to vote for Bonds and Clemens strictly on their statistics – as roughly 60% of the electorate has been doing every year – then take out the clause. I suspect that’s what voters like Rosenthal would probably like to ease their conscience­s, even though they know deep down it didn’t take a positive test to determine Bonds cheated his butt off to break set the all-time home run record of 762. Ortiz Alex Rodriguez IT’S A MADD MADD WORLD. . . Almost lost amid the blizzard of high profile pardons by his way out the White House door last week was the one he bestowed on the CEO of Roc Nation who in 1 9 9 4 was convicted of conspiracy to distribute narcotics and later served nine years in prison for parole violation. You can be sure that one didn’t go over real well with MLB and, in particular, the Yankees. For as the Daily News exclusivel­y reported back in 2 0 1 3 , it was Ms. Perez who was the behind-the-scenes driving force in scorched earth campaign to overturn his record 2 1 1 -game drug suspension from baseball, in which he sued MLB for tortuous interferen­ce, Yankee team physician for malpractic­e and even the Players Associatio­n. She was one advising A-Rod to fight them all and was also believed to be behind the demonstrat­ions in front of the Commission­er’s office by the group “Hispanics Across America” waving billboards is the Devil”. The latter was on in reference to the Yankee president whom A-Rod accused of conspiring with MLB in an attempt to get the Yankees out from under the final four years and $8 6 million of his contract…Hafta say, I’m a little confused at why is suddenly being considered a $3 5 million-a-year pitcher based on essentiall­y one great – but greatly abbreviate­d - 1 1 -start season. In his six-plus seasons, Bauer has had ERAs under 4 .0 0 only twice but it just goes to the dearth (and increased emasculati­on) of quality starting pitching that Bauer should neverthele­ss be seeking a contract. Admittedly, there always seems to emerge that one dumb owner, but it’s hard to imagine in this current financial environmen­t in baseball any club shelling out $3 0 -3 5 million for a pitcher and also being penalized with draft pick and $5 0 0 ,0 0 0 in internatio­nal slot money compensati­on because he was made a qualifying offer by the Reds. President Trump Desiree Perez, Jay-Z’s Trevor Bauer Alex Rodriguez’s Max Scherzer Christophe­r Ahmad “Randy Levine