The Mercury News : 2021-01-21

Local News : 13 : B3

Local News

THURSDAY, JANUARY 21, 2021 111 B3 BAY AREA NEWS GROUP ★ 80 Cedar Way Milpitas, CA 95035 RCFE: #435020744 .t!! pm2ts Pmo 1treiT1 .n pm dCFUAAAVS *IANb MMA:OLML g-4w ), 25 ACaGC y-/ -,w +-,10,0 y/ww /w,1 !,v /wv3uwv +-4w:), u-010V OsPNOS PSVIs PsMGNO IGTGMA brand new Independen­t Living, Assisted Living, and Memory Care. Westmont of Milpitas is a living community offering full-service senior U:p.inm. n, Legoe.ap .!** 1-v!5 !,v 6,v -31 dnr .n *:bni: a i:i*:1 -y -3/ P-3,vw/,0 .*32V Featured Amenities: Courtyards, Indoor Heated Pool, Fitness Center, Library, Salon, and more! rrrCr:p.inm.n,iegoe.apCbni *Terms & Conditions Apply