The Mercury News : 2021-01-21

At Your Service : 21 : B11

At Your Service

THURSDAY, JANUARY 21, 2021 111 B11 BAY AREA NEWS GROUP ZITS: PEARLS BEFORE SWINE: By Jerry Scott and Jim Borgman By Stephan Pastis PICKLES: DILBERT: By Brian Crane By Scott Adams FOR BETTER OR WORSE: DOONESBURY CLASSICS: By Lynn Johnston By G.B. Trudeau BABY BLUES: MALLARD FILLMORE: By Rick Kirkman and Jerry Scott By Bruce Tinsley SALLY FORTH: RHYMES WITH ORANGE: By Francesco Marciulian­o & Jim Keefe By Hilary Price JUMP START: WuMo: By Robb Armstrong By Mikael Wulff and Anders Morgenthal­er LUANN: FRANK & ERNEST: By Greg Evans By Bob Thaves ROSE IS ROSE: MUTTS: By Pat Brady & Don Wimmer By Patrick McDonnell GARFIELD: By Jim Davis SHERMAN’S LAGOON: By Jim Toomey FAMILY CIRCUS: BIZARRO: WALLACE THE BRAVE: By Bil Keane By Wayno and Piraro By Will Henry More comics The biggest and best comics collection on the Web: www.mercurynew­ For Sudoku, Jumble and more, see the puzzle page in Sports