World Journal (New York) - World Journal (New York) - Weekly Supplement : 2019-09-08

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41 2019 9.8 世界周刊 雙語新聞 Overall, about 78% of gender minority students met the criteria for one or more mental health disorders, as compared with 45% of cisgender students. 整體而言,78%性少數學生符合一種以­上的心理健康問題標準,相對而言,45%順性別學生符合上述標­準。 In particular, nearly 60% of gender minority students screened positive for depression, and more than one third reported seriously thinking about suicide in the past year. 特別是有近60%的性少數學生正面塞選­出憂鬱,超過三分之一性少數學­生表示過去一年曾認真­考慮自殺。 □

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