The Weekend Post - Real Estate : 2020-07-11

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COVER STORY BUNDLE OFFERS OUT NOW create more competitio­n REAL ESTATE Unique website and URL for your property with tracking Saturday, April 27, 2019 News Xtend Property Marketing reaches more of the right people. Strategic and cost effective, we’ll help ]SY ƤRH ]SYV FY]IV FI]SRH XLI VIKYPEV GLERRIPW FRESHWATER WELCOMING Facebook Campaigns & Google Display Campaigns AMBIENCE Extensivel­y renovated Queensland­er combines charm and modern convenienc­e: PAGES 4-5 Local exposure in Cairns Post’s Number 1 print publicatio­n Download our App Australia’s #1 place for property Talk to your real estate agent about News Xtend Property Marketing today.­rketing LOCAL PROPERTY MARKETING 04 THE CAIRNS WEEKEND POST REAL ESTATE, Saturday, July 11, 2020 CCPE01Z01R­E - V1

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