Sherbrooke Record : 2020-09-25

TALK : 23 : 23


TALK TV Listings September 25 - October 1, 2020 Page 7 Your week on TV WEEKDAY AFTERNOON 12 PM 12:30 1PM 1:30 2PM 2:30 3PM 3:30 4PM 4:30 5PM 5:30 Bell Star WCAX - - Across/ Fence The Young and the Restless Bold/beautiful NBC5 News Daily Blast Days of our Lives CBC News Network Coronation St. Bondi Vet TVA régional TVA nouvelles Movie WMTW News 8 at Noon GMA3-NEED to Know Téléjourna­l Silence Victoria The Talk Let’s Make a Deal Channel 3 News at Four Dr. Phil The Ellen Degeneres Show Jamie’s-meals Jamie’s-meals Escape to the Country TVA nouvelles Les feux de l’amour Top modèles Varied Programs Temps de paix Temps de paix Channel 3 3 News # WPTZ - - Tamron Hall NBC5 News NBC5 News % CBMT 206 301 Heartland Heartland & CHLT 107 718 Var. Programs (4:58) TVA nouvelles WMTW News 8 at 5PM L’effet Silence _ WMTW - - MLB Baseball ( Virginie Virginie Savourer (DVS) (SC) (SC) (SC) (N) ’ M On va se le dire (N) (SC) T CKSH 108 F ) W Th Global News CKMI - - ET Canada Days of our Lives The Social GMA3-NEED to Know Maury NCIS: Los Angeles Maury Medicare Sesame Street Elinor Elementary Black America Since MLK: And Still I Rise The Great American Read American Masters One Woman, One Vote Islands of Wonder Curious Arthur The Talk The Drew Barrymore Show The Dr. Oz Show Varied Programs Injury Court Injury Court Leave-bryan The Young and the Restless Global News + CFCF 205 312 CTV News Montreal Hot Bench Hot Bench The Steve Wilkos Show Flashpoint The Steve Wilkos Show Dinosaur Train Clifford-dog Clifford-dog Molly of Denali Dr. Phil The Ellen Degeneres Show CTV News Montreal at 5 Judge Judy Judge Judy Family Feud Family Feud Les Simpson Rire et délire The People’s Court , WVNY - - MLB Baseball 6 WUTV - - Judge Mathis Millionair­e Family Feud > CFKS 106 726 Movie Guerre-clans Les Simpson ? WUHF - 363 Divorce Court Hot Bench Hot Bench Judge Judy Judge Judy WETK - - Let’s Go Luna! Odd Squad Varied Programs World News Islands of Wonder Antiques Roadshow Latino Americans American Experience To Be Announced NOVA Hacking Your Mind Finding Your Roots New York Now Mountain Lake Latino Americans Latino Americans Black America Since MLK: And Still I Rise Inspector Morse The First 48 The Lead With Jake Tapper CSI: New York (DVS) “Borneo” (DVS) ’ Å ’ Å ’ Å M ’ ’ ’ Å WCFE F F T The women’s suffrage movement. “Borneo” (DVS) (EI) ’ ’ ’ ’ W NOVA (DVS) ’ Å ’ ’ Å Th Varied Programs CNN Newsroom F CSI: New York M T W Th Movie F SEAL Team M T W Th Bar Rescue Téléjourna­l F Private Eyes M Schitt’s Creek T W Th Varied Programs Four Weddings 2020 Roland-garros Tennis Henry Danger Henry Danger Odd Squad Wild Kratts ’ ’ Å A&E 615 520 The First 48 CNN 500 500 CNN Newsroom CNN Newsroom CNN Newsroom Situation Room With Wolf CSI: New York CSI: New York Homicide Hunter: Kenda Homicide Hunter: Kenda ’ Å ’ Å ’ Å ’ Å DISC 520 505 DRAMA 620 523 Varied Programs Forged in Fire Flashpoint CSI: Crime Scene Investigat’n Ancient Aliens American Pickers Pawn Stars Forged in Fire The Unxplained CSI: Crime Scene Investigat’n Counting Cars American Pickers CSI: Crime Scene Investigat’n Forged in Fire American Pickers Mountain Men Pawn Stars Eating History Ancient Aliens “Credible Threat” “Spiked Shield” (DVS) (DVS) “The Ikakalaka” Å Å ’ Å American Pickers Pawn Stars Forged in Fire The Unxplained Varied Programs L’info NCIS ’ ’ ’ ’ HIST 522 506 (DVS) “Call to Arms” ’ Å ’ Å Forged in Fire “The Ikakalaka” (DVS) “The Bhuj” ’ ’ Å ’ Å Forged in Fire: Beat Judges Eating History Å ’ Å PARMT 628 584 Bar Rescue RDI 126 730 Mordus de politique Var. Programs En direct avec Patrice Roy NCIS NCIS NCIS FBI (DVS) “Thirst” (DVS) “Devil’s Triangle” “Engaged, Part 1” “Most Wanted” “Thirst” (DVS) ’ Å Å ’ ’ Å Schitt’s Creek SHOW 616 521 SLICE 601 562 Love It or List It Varied Programs American Gypsy Wedding King King Mom Varied Programs TLC 521 560 Four Weddings American Gypsy Wedding Varied Programs NFL Live Spongebob TSN 400 400 Roland-garros Varied Programs Go Away Uni Cloudy, Meat Varied Programs Loud House Loud House YOUTH 551 542 Wayside Cloudy, Meat Spongebob Spongebob Spongebob FRIDAY EVENING SEPTEMBER 25, 2020 6PM 6:30 7PM 7:30 8PM 8:30 9PM 9:30 10 PM 10:30 11 PM 11:30 12 AM Bell Star CBS Evening News Entertainm­ent Tonight Channel 3 News (:35) The Late Show With Stephen Colbert (:34) The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon CBC Arts: Coronation Exhibition­ists Street (:35) “Criminel” The Greatest Athome Videos Love Island Channel 3 News at Six Blue Bloods The islanders must couple up. (N) (N) Police find cocaine in Danny’s trunk. WCAX - - # (N) Rapper MC Hammer. ’ Å ’ Å Å NBC5 News at 6 NBC Nightly News - Holt Wheel of Fortune NBC5 News at 11 Jeopardy! 2020 Stanley Cup Final (N) Tampa Bay Lightning vs Dallas Stars. Nikita Kucherov and the Lightning take on the Stars in Game 4 of the Stanley Cup Final. (N) (Live) Tampa Bay Lightning vs Dallas Stars. (N) WPTZ - - % (N) (N) (N) (N) ’ Å ’ Å ’ CBC Montreal News Power & Politics Just for Laughs: Gags 22 Minutes 2020 Stanley Cup Final The National (Live) (N) Å ’ Å ’ Å CBMT 206 301 & (N) (N) (DVS) Å Å Du talent à revendre: le championna­t mondial America’s Funniest Home Videos Bonsoir bonsoir! (9:59) TVA nouvelles (5:58) TVA nouvelles (:29) Le tricheur (:35) L’arme fatale 9-1-1 (6:59) Ça finit bien la semaine Le FBI ouvre une enquête sur Cole. “Notre famille” Un appel d’urgence dans une fête. (N) Interview with Melanie Mcguire. (N) (2016) Kevin Costner. (DVS) (SC) ›› CHLT 107 718 _ (N) (N) (N) (Season Premiere) (N) WMTW News 8 at 6PM ABC World News Wheel of Fortune WMTW News 8 at 11 (:35) Jimmy Kimmel Live! Jeopardy! (:01) 20/20 (N) ’ Å ’ Å WMTW - - ( (N) (N) (DVS) (N) (SC) (N) ’ ’ Å ’ Å (5:59) Le téléjourna­l Estrie (:31) Zone économie Les bogues de la vie Le grand rire de... (:05) Le téléjourna­l Estrie Au suivant Le téléjourna­l (:34) “Maïna” Un concurrent veut conserver sa place. (N) (N) (SC) (2013) Graham Greene, Eric Schweig. (SC) CKSH 108 - ) (N) (N) (N) Border Security: America Border Security Global News at 11 (:35) The Late Show With Stephen Colbert CTV News The Big Bang Montreal Theory (:35) Jimmy Kimmel Live! Global National (:29) Global News at 6:30 ET Canada Entertainm­ent Tonight The Greatest Athome Videos Island of Bryan The industrial kitchen gets delayed. The islanders must Police find cocaine couple up. (N) in Danny’s trunk. Interview with Melanie Mcguire. (N) CKMI - - + (N) (N) (N) Rapper MC Hammer. A product that helps relieve body pain. ’ ’ Å The Big Bang Theory News-lisa (5:59) CTV News Montreal etalk Shark Tank Love Island Blue Bloods (N) ’ Å CFCF 205 312 , (N) (N) ’ ’ ’ Å ’ ’ Å Å ABC World News America’s Funniest Home Videos WWE Friday Night Smackdown Local 22 News Local 22 News Inside Edition Local 22 News (:01) 20/20 ’ Å ’ Å WVNY - - 6 (DVS) (N) (N) (N) (N) ’ Å ’ Å The Big Bang Theory 2 on Your Side at 10 Two and a Half Men Two and a Half Men Last Man Standing Judge Judy Judge Judy Family Feud Seinfeld From “The Thunderdom­e” at Amway Center in Orlando, Fla. (N) (Live) “Delorme” Delorme met l’enquête en danger. From “The Thunderdom­e” at Amway Center in Orlando, Fla. (N) (Live) “The Scofflaw” WUTV - - > (N) (N) Å ’ ’ ’ ’ Å ’ Å ’ Å ’ ’ Souper parfait Taxi payant Les jeux des titans En prison Les recrues Cardinal X-files: aux frontières du réel Rire et délire NVL Gotham (N) (SC) ’ ’ CFKS 106 726 ? (SC) (DVS) (SC) “Baboche” (SC) “Une vie après la mort” (SC) (SC) Modern Family Modern Family The Big Bang Theory The Big Bang Theory 13WHAM News at 10 on Fox Rochester Survival Guide for Pain-free Living With Peggy Cappy Art in the Twenty-first Century WWE Friday Night Smackdown Dailymailt­v The Simpsons Dolly Parton WUHF - 363 (N) (Live) (N) ’ ’ Å Å Å ’ Å ’ Å ’ Å Outdoor Journal Vermont This Week Washington Week BBC World News PBS Newshour Abba Forever -- A Celebratio­n Amanpour and Company (N) Swedish supergroup (N) ’ Å WETK - - (N) (N) ABBA. ’ ’ Å ’ Å ’ Å World News America BBC World News Today Mountain Lake Journal New York Now BBC World News PBS Newshour Great Performanc­es Amanpour and Company (N) (N) (N) ’ Å ’ Å WCFE - - “Beijing” (N) Å ’ Å ’ Å The First 48: The Case That Haunts Me Anderson Cooper 360 Lone Star Law The First 48 The First 48 Live Rescue The First 48 Live Rescue A young woman A young mother gunned down. “Live Rescue -- 09.25.20” (N) Potential spree killer on the loose. ’ Å A&E 615 520 (N) set on fire. ’ Å ’ Å ’ Å ’ Å ’ Å CNN 500 500 Situation Room With Wolf Highway Thru Hell Erin Burnett Outfront Heavy Rescue: 401 Cuomo Prime Time Aussie Gold Hunters CNN Tonight w/ Don Lemon Aussie Gold Hunters CNN Tonight w/ Don Lemon Highway Thru Hell Cooper 360 (N) (N) (N) Å Aussie Gold Hunters “Arming for Gary’s crew is sent on a recovery. The team investigat­es a psychic’s death. Extraordin­ary untapped abilities. Wardens investigat­e impersonat­ion case. Investigat­ing a wealthy teacher’s death. A look at if shape shifters are real. Henri and Kellie face poachers. The team investigat­es a bakery. (DVS) Presidenti­al encounters with UFOS. (N) “Episode “Winch DISC 520 505 Battle” (DVS) 7” (DVS) Wizard” Å Å Å Bones Bones Bones Bones Bones Bones Bones In the 1950s, Brennan is a detective. (DVS) Strange sightings (DVS) The death of a mini-golf superstar. (DVS) Unexplaine­d weather mysteries. (N) Team investigat­es hedge fund company. ’ Å DRAMA 620 523 (DVS) Å ’ ’ ’ Å Å ’ The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch Ancient Aliens Ancient Aliens Ancient Aliens Ancient Aliens The Unxplained Ancient Aliens HIST 522 506 “Looking Down” in Italy. ’ Å ’ Å Å ’ Å Adam Carolla and Friends Build Stuff Live (5:59) Zone économie “Beverly Hills Cop III” “Beverly Hills Cop” (:25) “Beverly Hills Cop II” (1984, Comedy) Eddie Murphy, Judge Reinhold, John Ashton. A Detroit cop goes west to avenge his friend’s death. (1987, Comedy) Eddie Murphy, Judge Reinhold. A Detroit cop tangles with a vicious gang in California. ›› ››› ›› PARMT 628 584 Å Å Å Le téléjourna­l avec Pascale Nadeau (:31) Le national (:01) 24/60 Les grands reportages Le téléjourna­l Le national (12:01) 24/60 (N) (SC) (N) (SC) En l’an (N) (SC) (N) RDI 126 730 (N) (SC) (N) (SC) (SC) 79, le Vésuve explose. “Most Wanted” OA and Maggie team up with the FBI. “Fast & Furious 6” NCIS NCIS FBI “Fast Five” Gibbs and Fornell’s ex asks for help. (DVS) The team investigat­es a plane crash. (DVS) (2011, Action) Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Jordana Brewster. Dom Toretto and company ramp up the action in Brazil. (DVS) (N) (DVS) ›› ›› SHOW 616 521 ’ Å Å ’ Å Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days That’s Hockey! Danger Force Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? (5:00) “I Love You, Man” Married at First Sight “I Love You, Man” (2009, Comedy) Paul (DVS) ››› ’ Å ››› SLICE 601 562 “Hollywood Royalty” “Storm the Castle” (2009) Paul Rudd. Darcey and Stacey adjust to COVID-19. (N) (Live) Rudd, Jason Segel. ’ ’ ’ Å 90 Day Fiancé 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? 90 Day Fiancé 90 Day Fiancé Darcey & Stacey “More to Love: Point of No TLC 521 560 Return” Larissa’s transforma­tion. (N) (N) (Live) Miami Heat vs Boston Celtics. Eastern Conference Final action, Game 5. (N) (Live) ’ ’ ’ Sportscent­re NBA Countdown NBA Basketball Sportscent­re Sportscent­re (N) (Live) Å Å Å TSN 400 400 (N) Å Å YOUTH 551 542 All That Young Dylan Spongebob (:05) “Journey 2: The Mysterious Island” Henry Danger Henry Danger Degrassi Degrassi All That (N) (2012) ›› ’ ’

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