Sherbrooke Record : 2020-09-25

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newsroom@sherbrooke­ The Record Page 4 Friday, September 25, 2020 One column, four voices By Revs Mead Baldwin, Rabbi Boris Dolin Lee Ann Hogle, and Rev. Carole Martignacc­o 1 ) The ability to have a moral compass, that is to understand the concept of good and bad, right and wrong, is one of the defining characteri­stics of human beings. Some would say God made us thus that we might be good stewards of the earth. We don’t always agree on issues of justice. We are often blinded by cultural, societal, race, gender or other biases. But I like to think we are all on an evolutiona­ry path, constantly refining these concepts and being made aware of our unconsciou­s blinders. As a consequenc­e we are using more and more of our potential as awakened creatures on planet earth. 4 2 ) I have always been a news junkie, and I love my newspapers and radio broadcasts. I always assumed the stories all had ethical merit. It is dishearten­ing to realize nowadays that lying and deceit have become part of everyday life in politics and some media. I have fond memories of Ethics classes in university. My professor was a great teacher and I learned that different philosophe­rs diverged, but honesty was never in question. I remember themes like “the greatest good for the greatest We come into the 21st century with the residual of a tribal mentality where we are suspicious of and sometimes even aggressive towards those we deem different. Society has traditiona­lly organized itself into various strata of power and privilege. However a growing sensitivit­y towards and appreciati­on for the diversity of human experience is developing. Is it because our earth is getting 3

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