The Star (Jamaica) : 2020-06-19

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10 THE WEEKEND STAR FEATURE @JamaicaSta­r­r • • June 19 - 21, 2020 him say him must carry her too cuz she a go bored at home alone. Dem go and mi even lend her one a mi swimsuit and say mi a go gwan chill a di yard. About two hours later, mi see mi kids dem come back say dem fada send dem up because dem a complain say dem cold and although mi niece never come, mi still nah pree anything funny. Minutes later, mi say mi a go hold a wash off a di river, too, but when mi reach close, mi hear like a funny sound, but mi never did a pay it no mind. STAR, when mi reach closer, a mi cousin and mi man dat a have sex. The way mi frighten mi bawl out and him eye wide out But it look like mi did a pree the wrong set a people because is mi deaf and mute cousin mi catch a sleep with him. Mi and her never close, but after mi auntie dead, mi mada take her in with wi. She was an adult when she move in, but because she deaf and dumb, mi always a see her as a innocent little girl, worse she have all-natural hair and ting. Anyway, one day mi boyfriend text mi say him a carry the kids go river. So mi tell

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