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13 Otago Daily Times Monday, October 19, 2020 @ OPINION We welcome contributi­ons to the opinion page from readers, who should in the first instance contact opinion page editor, Craig Page, by email (editor@odt.co.nz) or telephone, (03) 479­3512. Texts between 500 and 800 words are preferred, will be edited, and the reserves the right to use material in any of its publicatio­ns, including the online edition. Otago Daily Times µ armed forces announces that Prime Minister Maurice Bishop, who was under house arrest, was killed by soldiers after he tried to seize army headquarte­rs. The Government sells New Zealand Steel to listed company Equiticorp as part of its asset sales programme, as stock markets crash around the world. The Dow Jones Industrial Average plunges 508 points, or 22.6% in value, its biggest percentage drop in decades. The day is known as ‘‘Black Monday’’. The road to Milford Sound reopens to single­lane traffic a week after it was closed by a massive slip which left rocks weighing up to 500 tonnes strewn across the highway. A week after quitting his role as manager of Dunedin energy company Delta, Richard Healey goes public over unsafe work practices and the rundown state of power poles in Dunedin and Central Otago. The number of power poles needing immediate replacemen­t in the region is estimated to be in the thousands. Almost a month after the general election, New Zealand gets a government when Winston Peters announces New Zealand First will form a coalition government with Labour and the Green Party, ending National’s nine years in power. It is the first time under New Zealand’s MMP electoral system that the party gaining the most votes does not get to help form a government. 2012 — 1987 — 2016 — TODAY is Monday, October 19, the 293rd day of 2020. There are 73 days left in the year. Highlights in history on this date: Captain Cook makes his fourth visit to New Zealand. British troops under Lord Cornwallis surrender at Yorktown, Virginia, ending the American Revolution­ary War. French forces under Napoleon Bonaparte begin their retreat from Moscow. 1774 — 2017 — 1781 — 1812 — Napoleon’s forces are defeated by a combined Austrian, Prussian, Russian and Swedish army at the Battle of Leipzig, Germany, ending the French Empire east of the Rhine. 1813 — Today’s birthdays The North Dunedin branch of the Bank of New Zealand is establishe­d. The Russian Politburo expels Leon Trotsky and his followers. Streptomyc­in, the first antibiotic remedy for tuberculos­is, is isolated by researcher­s at Rutgers University. 1874 — Robert Coupland Harding, New Zealand printer/typographe­r/journalist/editor (1849­1916); Marion Mitchell, New Zealand singer (1876­1955); Read Masters, All Black/rugby administra­tor (1900­67); Edwin Coubray, New Zealand projection­ist/film­maker/inventor (1900­97); Keith Gudsell, All Black (1924­2007); John le Carre, British author (1931­); Michael Gambon, British­Irish actor (1940­); Maire Leadbeater, New Zealand human rights/ peace activist and writer (1945­); John Lithgow, US actor (1945­); Bruce Hemara, All Black (1957­); Rocky Wood, New Zealand­born writer (1959­2014); Jennifer Holliday, US singer (1960­); Evander Holyfield, US former heavyweigh­t boxing champion (1962­); Gary Lawson, New Zealand lawn bowler (1965­); US actor/director (1966­); Trey Parker, US comedian/ animator (1969­); Glen Mitchell, New Zealand cyclist (1972­); Miriama Kamo, New Zealand television presenter (1973). 1926 — 1943 — United States President Harry Truman formally ends the state of war with Germany. 1951 — Coulls Somerville Wilkie Ltd’s printing department is destroyed by fire, with damage estimated at £500,000. Earlier in the year, the firm’s paper division was extensivel­y damaged by fire also. US President Lyndon B. Johnson arrives for a short visit to New Zealand. 1952 — 1966 — The Fred Hollows Foundation is launched in New Zealand. Three die after a hot­air balloon is blown across Christchur­ch, eventually landing in the sea several hundred metres off Waimairi Beach. Myanmar’s secretive military regime forces out its prime minister, the long­powerful General Khin Nyunt, and places him under house arrest on corruption charges. Chile’s Supreme Court strips former dictator General of immunity from prosecutio­n in relation to corruption charges linked to his multimilli­on­dollar bank accounts. 1992 — Jon Favreau, US vice­president Spiro Agnew refers to anti­Vietnam War protesters as ‘‘an effete corps of impudent snobs’’. Niue gains self­governance in associatio­n with New Zealand. The supersonic Concorde makes its first landing in New York after 19 months of delays caused by residents concerned about the aircraft’s noise. An appeal is launched for a CT body­scanner at Dunedin Hospital. Plans to build an aluminium smelter at Aramoana are abandoned by Minister of Energy Bill Birch. The commander of Grenada’s 1969 — 1995 — 1974 — 1977 — 2004 — Quote of the day ‘‘I am not a politician . . . I only suffer the consequenc­es.’’ — Peter Tosh, Jamaican reggae musician, who was born on this day in 1944. He was murdered during a home invasion in 1987, aged 42. 1980 — 2005 — 1982 — Augusto Pinochet ODT and agencies 1983 — LIVE µ Local Footy IS BACK! v NORTHLAND FRIDAY 23RD OCTOBER 7.05pm | FORSYTH BARR STADIUM RURAL MENTAL HEALTH Supporting GUMBOOT FRIDAY Gumboot Toss & Gumboot Goal Kicking competitio­ns ODAPT dance crew www.ticketek.co.nz Buy your tickets now at search 'Otago Rugby', or in person at the Ticketek outlet in the Regent Theatre, Octagon, Dunedin. 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