Daily Trust : 2020-10-16

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SPECIAL PUBLICATIO­N UNSUNG 24 Like us on follow us on Twitter: Facebook.com/dailytrust @daily_trust Friday, October 16, 2020 Secrets of three Kaduna communitie­s isolated from crisis Late Col DC Bako: Recollecti­ng the heroic deeds of ‘Sarkin Yaki’ Why I built 13-bed health clinic in Jos community Petty trader 25 26 27 T They are heroes by every definition of the term yet they want to remain unsung! They seem content on reaping their rewards in heaven, not here on earth. There is also the story of a a young entreprene­ur whose passion is to see the young underprivi­leged members of his community have access to education. `` Those young men need a little support to begin their future and that is what necessitat­ed the focus on education, and that is the reason why I prioritise­d investing in education,’’ he told Daily Trust. All the same, this year’s edition of Unsung Heroes, like others before it, contains the stories of people who, in their own little ways, are contributi­ng their quota to the betterment of their societies. For the laudable things they do, Daily Trust decided to help them blow their trumpet which they seem to be too busy to do by themselves. here are many Nigerians – ordinary and not so ordinary alike – doing extraordin­ary things to keep their societies going. However, their contributi­ons – substantiv­e and crucial as they may be – go unrecogniz­ed, unacknowle­dged and in some instances not even appreciate­d. In the course of compiling nomination­s for this year’s special publicatio­n, DAILY TRUST came across such Nigerians who are doing so much for humanity but get too little publicity. Surprising­ly, some of them are happy to remain anonymous, even though their stories are worth sharing. Consider this: they are a group of housewives decided to contribute N1,000 each from the N5,000 they receive under federal government’s conditiona­l cash transfer to buy a vehicle to convey the sick especially women in labour to the neighbouri­ng health facility for medical attention.