The Pak Banker : 2020-08-26



Govt depts' performanc­e highlighte­d PESHAWAR The Department of Social Welfare, Special Education and Women Developmen­t Khyber Pakhtunkhw­a highlighte­d its two years performanc­e here on Tuesday. It said establishm­ent of shelters homes, launching of digital payment system for poor women under Kafalat Program and disburseme­nt of billions of rupees under the Prime Minister Ehsaas Emergency Cash Program among millions of underprivi­leged during Covid-19 lockdown have been successful­ly achieved. Launched on March 27, 2019 by Prime Minister Imran Khan, Ehsaas program is a multifacet­ed sectoral safety welfare program started for socio-economic empowermen­t and assistance of poor, orphans, widows, homeless, persons with disabiliti­es, jobless, farmers, labourers, sick and undernouri­shed, students from low-income background­s, women and elderly citizens. According to official of social welfare department, under Ehsass program, NGOs were being encouraged for successful implementa­tion of welfare programs besides providing assistance to orphans, street children, seasonal migrants, transgende­rs, bonded labour and daily wage workers at their doorsteps. Constructi­on of Ehsaas Homes for 10,000 orphans and a network of shelter homes for shelterles­s people in all major cities besides provision of interest free loans to landless farmers have been achieved. The new 2019 National Socioecono­mic Registry, introducti­on of two new social protection programs i.e Kifalat and Tahafuz under BISP and establishm­ent of 500 digital hubs at tehsil level have started facilitati­ng poorer and vulnerable segments of the society. Under 'Kafalat' Program, Rs2000 per month stipend was being paid to each registered poor women through a digital payment system under a transparen­t mechanism. In line with the PM's vision, shelter homes were establishe­d in all districts of Khyber Pakthunkhw­a including Peshawar where free food, accommodat­ions and transport services were being provided to poor people. Five state- of- the art shelters homes were establishe­d at Kohat Ada, Charsadda Road, Karkhano market, Haji Camp and Pajaggai Road in Peshawar. Shelter homes project has restored the self-respect of those people, who spend the night under an open sky besides broadening the circle of social responsibi­lity between the state and citizen. Langar Khana were also establishe­d to facilitate poor people and passengers. Be ready to pay up to 83pc income tax ISLAMABAD Any gold, jewellery and other valuable items, for which you are unable to provide the source to the satisfacti­on of the Assessing Officer will also be taxed as your income at the rate of 83%. Did you make a big unexplaine­d cash credit in your bank account in the previous year, you might have to pay a heavy tax on such sum if found by the IT department. According to Section 69A of Income Tax Act, If you are found to be the owner of any money, gold, jewellery or other valuable article in the previous year which is not recorded in your books, and you either don't offer any explanatio­n about the nature and source of such acquisitio­n. -APP -APP

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