Ormskirk Advertiser : 2020-07-23

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Your Garden

The Advertiser Thursday, July 23, 2020 25 YOUR GARDEN With Diarmuid Gavin PLANT OF THE WEEK WHAT TO DO THIS WEEK BUDDLEJA DAVIDII ‘BUZZ SKY BLUE’ spring cabbage. Feed crops with liquid fertiliser. AERATE your compost heap by turning it over. If it seems too dry, add some water. ■ ■ IF YOU want to attract butterflie­s to your garden, then buddleja, or the butterfly bush, is your best bet. They flock to the long panicles of sweetly fragranced flowers. However, for the smaller garden, some buddlejas can be a bit large and unwieldy. Although they can be kept in check with a really severe pruning each spring, there are also more compact varieties available. The Buzz series grow to around 1.5m – they’re dwarf, but still packed with flowers, and come in various colours, such as ■ ■ HOUSEPLANT­S such as the umbrella tree, Kentia palm and philodendr­on can be brought outside for fresh air and a good hose down to get rid of dust. ■

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