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The Advertiser Thursday, September 24, 2020 5 by a brain-washed ISIS fanatic – she will never achieve this,” Lesley said in the video. “The country has lost a wonderful NHS-caring person who would have contribute­d so much. In that respect, it does not bear thinking about.” Lesley said Georgina loved musicals and plays, and they would tour London on open-top buses. “We would always get a pizza to take back to the hotel,” she said. “She was in her element and I loved watching her laughing and smiling, now I experience day and night – loneliness and despair. “My life is a living nightmare. My nights are long and frightenin­g, my days are even worse. “I wake up thinking of Georgina. My nights are night terrors. That just about sums it all up. We were absolutely inseparabl­e. “That night has done nothing but to destroy every single living cell in my body – my senses, my feelings and the rest of my life in each and every possible way. “I am numb. I am weak. Sometimes I cannot speak properly. I cannot and will not accept that I will never see her again. “Sometimes I think she is with me... sometimes all I do is cry. I miss her so much. “My only girl. We had so many laughs, so much fun, being in each other’s company. Everyday was fun with my Georgina. “I still feel so much pain. My grief has paralysed me. “I love you so much more than I did before. If I just had one wish, it would be for you to be by my side. “All I am is the shadow of a broken mum. I still shed tears everyday, although you are still here somehow. “My heart will not let you go.” “I hope she will be as happy wherever she is as she made me.” Suicide bomber Salman Abedi detonated a rucksack bomb in the City Room area of the Arena after the concert. Hashem Abedi, his brother, is currently serving a 55-year minimum sentence after being convicted over the atrocity. The public inquiry – set to run until next spring – is examining all aspects of the bombing. ● sons, and said they ‘bonded immediatel­y’ after her birth. “I never stopped staring and smiling at my bundle of joy,” she said in the video. Lesley spoke of the fun times the family had together – picnics, flying kites and football on the beach. She went on to attack the ‘senseless, pointless murder of my beautiful, innocent, daughter Georgina’. “I am, and will always be, a severely distraught mother, overwhelme­d with immense grief with a broken heart in pieces and my family now broken,” she said. “Quite simply I adored her. She was my whole world. She was an exceptiona­l girl. She was everybody’s inspiratio­n. “She was like a beautiful melody and lit up the room with her famous smile. “There’s no light to break up my darkness. “She was an extremely caring person with a very loving soul. “I can almost see her in my dreams, but there’s a voice inside my head saying ‘you will never reach her’. “I feel there is always another mountain... I cannot get past it.” Georgina, said Lesley, loved Disney films and Beauty and the Beast. She said her daughter was ‘always smiling’ and ‘loved life’. They were ‘joined at the hip’ and ‘always together’. “When she got to school she would ring me, or when she was going to college,” Lesley said. “We would still be talking at break times and lunch times.” Lesley said Georgina’s ambition was to look after premature babies as a paediatric­ian, and she had earned a place to study at Edge Hill University. “But she was so senselessl­y murdered Georgina Callander, 18, died in the Manchester Arena bomb attack in 2017 ● Runshaw College in Leyland. The inquiry heard her favourite colour was ‘bright yellow’ – and friends attended the courtroom at Manchester magistrate­s court to hear her mother’s touching tribute, with yellow in their clothing. Lesley, who the inquiry heard cannot now bear to return to Manchester, arrived at the Arena after the blast and found Georgina. She recalled holding her daughter – and the moment she knew she had died. “I must be living in a nightmare I thought, as I looked down at Georgina clutched in my arms,” she said. “I was staring in a trance-light state at her beautiful, pure, soft-white skin. “She was the one in many millions to me.” Lesley spoke of being on a ‘nightmare roller coaster’ over the last three years. She said she was ‘blessed’ to have a daughter, Georgina, as well as two