The Business Year Special Report : 2020-07-09

Interview : 19 : 19


19 INTERVIEW FOUNDER AND GENERAL PARTNER, TECHINVEST ✖ BIO Fahad Al Sharekh, the Founder & General Partner of TechInvest Corporatio­n, has over 21 years’ experience in global business developmen­t, with expertise and specializa­tion in the IT and VC field. He was formerly CEO of Sakhr Software, where he received three US patents from US PTO office for Sakhr’s proprietar­y technologi­es. He also played key role in founding the first Saudi Arabia ISP AWalNet and developed the first multilingu­al speech-to-speech app, Language Buddy. He sits on the advisory board of the Annual Investment Meeting (AIM) in the UAE and is a consultant at the Kuwait Direct Investment Promotion Authority. He serves as a director on the board of CODED, the first coding academy in the GCC. “Kuwaitis are entreprene­urial in nature;

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