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6 Friday, July 10, 2020 WESTERN DAILY PRESS Remember When? Battleship­s Gogen The following events all occurred in a year in living memory. Can you guess the year? Find where the fleet of ships shown are hidden in the 10 by 10 grid. The numbers to the right of and below the grid indicate how many of the squares in that row are filled in with ships or parts of ships. The ships do not touch each other, even diagonally. Some squares have been filled in to start you off. Insert letters to form the listed words, moving between adjacent cells horizontal­ly, vertically or diagonally in any direction. Insert all the remaining letters of the alphabet (except Z) in the grid so all the listed words are spelt out in this way. 1 1. Hanna-Barbera Production­s was founded 2. Actor Richard E Grant was born 3. Guy Mitchell had a UK No.1 single with Singing The Blues 4. Elvis Presley bought Graceland 1 Q U K V P THE FLEET 3 x Destroyer BLACK BOND FRECKLING INSERT JEST LINT MIND PLASTER QUALITY SEXUAL THREW VAIN 1 x Battleship X C A L B 2 2 x Cruiser 4 x Submarine 1. Arnold Schwarzene­gger starred in Total Recall 2. Madonna had a UK No.1 with Vogue 3. Mikhail Gorbachev was elected President of the Soviet Union 4. One in five people had refused to pay poll tax J E S I O 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 1 W R T N M 3 A B C D E F G H I J 2 3 2 3 1 1 2 1 0 5 1. Anita Ekberg starred in La Dolce Vita 2. Author Nevil Shute died 3. The US became the first country to legalise the birth control pill 4. Johnny Kidd and the Pirates had a UK No.1 hit with Shakin’ All Over F H Y D G ABCDEFGHIJ­KLMNOPQRST­UVWXY Wordwise 2 D X F B W The word may sound familiar, but do you know what it means? BRAG CONE COX DOCUMENTAR­Y FANG HUMP JOCK QUENCH SIMPLY SPLIT VENT WARY K O G A R 1 PSILOSIS A B C Devonian fossil Loss of hair Muscle of the pelvis J C N T Y 3 141212321 2 RAGOUT A B C Disorderly Groove in masonry Type of stew Quick Quiz H U E I L 1. Which former footballer is the host of the new BBC One entertainm­ent show Save Our Summer? 2. Which French composer wrote the opera Carmen? 3. Which channel separates the island of Anglesey from the mainland of NW Wales? 4. Which 11-a-side field game starts with a bully-off? 5. Of which country was Golda Meir prime minister from 1969 to 1974? 6. How was Ho Chi Minh City known until 1976? 7. What was the nickname of Jazz trumpeteer Louis Armstrong? 8. Which king of England of Scotland and Ireland had Nell Gwyn as his mistress? In which state of the USA is the city of Memphis situated? 10. Which Prussian statesman was known as the Iron Chancellor? 3 SAXICOLOUS Q V M P S A B C Growing among rocks Ancient measure of approximat­ely 7 feet Roman ladder ABCDEFGHIJ­KLMNOPQRST­UVWXY Four Ws Who Am I? WHO...won the Oscar for Best Actress in 1940? WHAT...is a flokati? WHERE...is Christmas Island? WHEN...did Martina Navratilov­a win her first Wimbledon singles title? A singer, I was born in London in 1922. My real first name is Walter. My biggest UK hit was Meet Me On The Corner in 1955, and I used to present the television game show Family Fortunes. An actress, I was born in California in 1981. Early in my acting career I made an appearance in Buffy The Vampire Slayer. I played Summer Roberts in TV’s The OC and more recently starred as Zoe Hart in the series Hart Of Dixie. WHO...was the Egyptian god with the head of a scarab beetle? WHAT...is clinophobi­a? WHERE...is Pakistan’s largest city? WHEN...was Derby winner Shergar stolen in County Kildare? 9. Word Fit Pathfinder Fit these words into the grid. The letters in the shaded squares will spell out a word relating to fish. Beginning with the top highlighte­d letter, follow a continuous path of words associated with the given subject. The trail goes through each letter once, twisting up, down and sideways, but never diagonally. 90s artists 5 LETTERS 3 LETTERS L ASTIR EAVES HONES NOTED RACER STATE ADO LAH LAP NET PEN PIE SET TAT BTRSHAOND I EADBL ASEYONSDAO­HAS IU CKETB I NEREPLLSR I RRAVRESSRP­ASAO SEONAAER I PE I SP I TTMS I LH I LSTNYEC E I T NNAC TOMAREG I BRYEAREDH I RASLR JNSPESRC I AHCSTH OOTNOSKHME­RETSE HNLEERCAEU­SHEPV QAOYNUAJ LLBCARE UABZONDTRE­EREVE NUFAV I MSNATPTET KPTDEFCC I MTAHKA R 6 LETTERS CELLAR PASTOR SALAMI STAVES STREAK TEETER 4 LETTERS ALMS CANT CAVE DUNK LOTS PARE PIPE RATE 7 LETTERS RHYTHMS VANILLA PRINTED AND DISTRIBUTE­D BY PRESSREADE­R PressReade­r.com +1 604 278 4604 ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY COPYRIGHT AND PROTECTED BY APPLICABLE LAW

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