Chicago Sun-Times : 2020-07-23



Nov. 7, “Just Connect,” ontemporar­y Art. Mu describe it “a timely how the pandemic has made e of our desire to connect, epend on our communitie­s or a sense of belonging.” tures popular and rarely om the MCA collection by s Marina Abramovic, Jenny James Marshall, Francesca d Akram Zaatari. Nov. 22, “Art in the Post,” t Museum. The art museum ubmissions of postcards 5 | Weekend Plus | Thursday, July 23, 2020 | senior vice president. “It’s ser. People love this art-deco LMER COLLECTION THE ART INSTITUTE OF of Chicago. cago,” now opening Sept. 3 at 68) is among the works in On the Bank of the Seine, ons cred Under the Cliff of Yellowston­e” is featured in “Apsáaooke Women and Warriors” at m.

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