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8 | Thursday, July 23, 2020 | Weekend Plus | WEEKEND PLUS ★★★★ ★★★ ★★ ★ ★★ Da 5 Bloods Delroy Lindo should be a best actor Oscar contender for his searing work here as one of a group of Vietnam vets who return to the battlegrou­nd to find the remains of their leader and some lost gold. This is one of the best movies of the year. On Netflix. (R, 154 min.) —Richard Roeper ★★★★ See it: Eurovision Song Contest Will Ferrell and Rachel McAdams as an Icelandic singing duo determined to win the famous European music competitio­n. This is a goofy, broad satire filled with wonderfull­y awful pop songs and infectious­ly over-the-top performanc­es. On Netflix. (PG-13, 123 min.) —Richard Roeper ★★★ See it: Fatal Affair There’s nothing original about this uninspired “Fatal Attraction” knockoff marred by stilted dialogue, predictabl­e plot turns and surprising­ly halfhearte­d performanc­es from a talented cast led by Nia Long and Omar Epps. On Netflix. (NR, 89 min.) —Richard Roeper ★★ See it: ★★½ Greyhound Tom Hanks, who wrote this WWII film, stars as the commander of a Navy ship leading a convoy across the Atlantic. The battle sequences look like something straight out of a video game, keeping us from getting emotionall­y involved. On AppleTV+. (PG-13, 91 min.) —Richard Roeper See it: Guest Artist Jeff Daniels wrote the script and stars as a has-been playwright confrontin­g the fanboy who picks him up for a job in a small town. The acting is first-rate, but the overly talky two-hander wears out its welcome by the halfway mark. On demand. (R, 101 min.) —Richard Roeper ★★ See it: Hamilton Filmed as it appeared on stage with its original cast, led by writer Lin-Manuel Miranda as the ingenious warrior Alexander Hamilton, this version of one of the greatest of all musicals makes for immersive, exhilarati­ng, magnificen­t cinema. On Disney+. (PG-13, 161 min.) —Richard Roeper ★★★★ See it: Irresistib­le Steve Carell gives a finely honed performanc­e as a slick political strategist visiting a Wisconsin town to convince a retired Marine (Chris Cooper) to run for mayor. Writer-director Jon Stewart has created a timely and entertaini­ng satire. On demand. (R, 101 min.) —Richard Roeper ★★★ See it: ★★½ John Lewis: Good Trouble This documentar­y uses a mass of incredible archival footage to flesh out the life of the veteran congressma­n and civil-rights crusader. But it stays oddly surface level, despite having what looks like a lot of access to him and his family. On demand. (PG, 96 min.) —Lindsay Bahr, AP See it: ★★★½ Mucho Mucho Amor: The Legend of Walter Mercado A fascinatin­g and uplifting Netflix documentar­y recounts the rise to fame of actor-turned-astrologer Walter Mercado and details his lasting impact on Hispanic culture and the LGBTQ community. On Netflix. (NR, 96 min.) —Richard Roeper See it: My Spy A CIA operative (Dave Bautista) agrees to stand in for the mom of a 9-year-old girl (Chloe Coleman) in exchange for the kid not blowing his cover. This dopey action-comedy is too rough for younger kids and too stupid for the grown-ups. On Amazon. (PG-13, 101 min.) —Richard Roeper ★★ See it: A Nice Girl Like You Lucy Hale, who always brings a certain screen-popping charm to her roles, tries her gosh-darnedest but can’t sell this bland and curiously tame rom-com about a single woman running through a to-do list to open herself up sexually. On demand. (R, 94 min.) —Richard Roeper ★★ See it: The Old Guard Charlize Theron plays a thousand-year-old warrior in a perfect showcase for her badass skill set. The rousing and satisfying actioner presents some intriguing twists on time-honored themes about the double-edged sword of immortalit­y. On Netflix. (R, 125 min.) —Richard Roeper ★★★ See it: ★★★½ The Outpost With a distinctiv­e docudrama look, this heart-stopping film introduces us to the U.S. soldiers stationed at a vulnerable base in Afghanista­n, then re-creates their fight against hundreds of Taliban in the Battle of Kamdesh. On demand. (R, 123 min.) —Richard Roeper See it: ★★★½ The Painted Bird In a searing adaptation of Jerzy Kosinski’s novel, an Eastern European boy drifts from town to town during World War II, feeling the wrath of heartless adults. A near-masterpiec­e that you’ll never want to see again. On demand. (NR, 169 min.) —Richard Roeper See it: ★★★½ Palm Springs Like Bill Murray in “Groundhog Day,” Andy Samberg is playing a man constantly repeating the same day. But he inadverten­tly brings someone else (Cristin Milioti) into the vortex. One of the funniest and most romantic movies of the year. On Hulu. (R, 86 min.) —Richard Roeper See it: ★★★½ Relic After her mother disappears and then suddenly returns, Kay (Emily Mortimer) is slow to notice the things happening to Edna and her house. The creepy psychologi­cal thriller builds to an ending that’s beautiful, then terrifying. In theaters, on demand. (R, 89 min.) —Richard Roeper See it: ★★★½ Shirley Elisabeth Moss delivers yet another astonishin­gly authentic performanc­e playing a version of author Shirley Jackson, being manipulate­d by her detestable husband (Michael Stuhlbarg, magnificen­t) and bonding with a young helper. Hulu, on demand. (R, 107 min.) —Richard Roeper See it: ★★★½ Showbiz Kids A fascinatin­g, thoughtful HBO documentar­y delivers a fresh take on the unnverving rise and sometimes tragic crash of child stars, thanks in large part to extensive interviews with Wil Wheaton, Milla Jovovich, Henry Thomas and others. On HBO. (NR, 95 min.) —Richard Roeper See it: The Sunlit Night The usually terrific Jenny Slate is too self-possessed to be credible as a struggling New York artist so desperate for a change of life that she takes a job inside the Arctic Circle. Characters wander in and out as if in search of their own movie. On demand. (NR, 82 min.) —Richard Roeper ★★★ See it: Trolls World Tour Just as brightly colored as the original, this sequel threatens Poppy (Anna Kendrick) and Branch (Justin Timberlake) with a heavy-metal queen bent on world domination. The sugary highs are pleasant and occasional­ly tuneful. In theaters, on demand. (PG, 110 min.) —Jake Coyle, AP ★★ See it: You Should Have Left Weird things happen at the imposing Welsh vacation house rented by a couple (Kevin Bacon, Amanda Seyfried). This little horror gem is no means groundbrea­king, but it produces more than enough jolts to have you jumping off the couch. On demand. 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