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NEWS 17 SUNDAY AUGUST 2 2020 Cops caught up in drug probe Once a match is found, she collects the best dates and times for delivery, and then arranges transport when flights are selected. For Ms Flowers, who has facilitate­d organ transport for about 10 years, it is not just a job — it becomes personal. “You have such a strong ownership of it, you really do want this to work,” she said. “We all go on high alert and make sure that anything and everything that could go wrong doesn’t. We had a recent case where the plane got delayed because the ramp was broken and it couldn’t get any luggage on the plane. We had ours sitting in the front row of business class. ‘That was with the assistance of a guy from Qantas who went and physically got them and put them up on the plane. Everyone involved in the process takes absolute care because we want it to work well. “You want it, you know you can’t relax until you know that they’re where they should be.” The cycle of organ donation is complete once it arrives at its destinatio­n, and is transplant­ed into the recipient, who goes on to hopefully live a long life. organs for their viability. He tests whether organs have conditions such as hepatitis C or syphilis, so the organs can be donated to the right people, and throughout his career has seen many innovation­s. He said one of the most incredible was watching technology evolve to the point where testing that once took six hours now takes 45 minutes. Mr Freeman said that at first being part of the process to save a life was daunting, but now it was a privilege to help others. “You start to feel like OK, look, it is very important what you’re doing,” he said. “Even though the family may feel very distressed and everything like that when a family member passes, I think, with many people, it can give them some sort of comfort.” The last leg of an organ’s journey in the Territory is in the hands of Darwin’s StarTrack team. Next flight co-ordinator and supervisor Diane Flowers is responsibl­e for finding the best dates and times for an organ to be transporte­d interstate. She springs into action once she is alerted about a possible donation. Ms Flowers also facilitate­s bloods and tissue to go out for matching. TWO Queensland police officers have been stood down as investigat­ions continue into their role in alleged drug traffickin­g. Nine people were detained on Saturday morning after police executed search warrants across the Gold Coast and Brisbane as part of an investigat­ion into the possession and supply of dangerous drugs. Among those were a 28-yearold male senior constable from South Eastern Region and a 29-year-old male senior constable from Central Region. Baby formula moo-ving along BABY formula could be made to mimic the nutrients of breast and cow’s milk, giving parents peace of mind about their child’s diet. Researcher­s from Monash University have developed a simplified fat formula that behaves the same way as human and cow’s milk when digested. Researcher Dr Andrew Clulow said: “One of our main drivers and interests has been for the nutrition of young infants, and particular­ly premature infants.” identified for potential organ donation, their blood and tissue is tested to see if the organs can be used. Network supervisin­g scientist Kevin Freeman tests the still think of other people and consider organ donation.” When a patient is dying and their family has agreed to organ donation, a critical part of the process is physio- therapy by an ICU specialist, who treats a patient’s lungs to reduce the chance of chest infections and improve circulatio­n. Once a person has been Register at .au DISABILITY SERVICES APPROVED PROVIDER TO NDIS SUPPORT COORDINATI­ON SERVICE PROVISION Have your plan support provided by nurses with many years of experience in co-ordination of supports case management Golden Glow is also an Approved Provider of Service provision to NDIS participan­ts and is able to provide: • Personal activities - all levels • Community participat­ion • Developmen­t of Life Skills • Short Term Residentia­l Respite Services • Community Nursing Services • Assistance with travel / transport • Support Coordinati­on Contact our coordinato­rs on 8927 2756 Or email us reception@goldenglow­ Add Value To Your Home! Painting & Design Meet John & Your Painting Team 40 DARWIN ARGOS PAINTING Years Local Darwin Business Ph: 08 8932 6940 & A/H: 0401 693 549 www.darwinargo­ V1 - NTNE01Z01M­A PRINTED AND DISTRIBUTE­D BY PRESSREADE­R PressReade­ +1 604 278 4604 ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY COPYRIGHT AND PROTECTED BY APPLICABLE LAW

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