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VIEWS 25 CAIRNSPOST.COM.AU SATURDAYDAY JANUARY 12 2019 TRENDING YESTERDAY AT CAIRNSPOST.COM.AU DID YOU KNOW? SHE SAID IT I just love it here in Cairns – it is incredibly beautiful, almost like a different planet. I just love being surrounded by so much beauty and lushness. In Switzerland, it is illegal to own just one guinea pig. This is because guinea pigs are social animals, and they are considered victims of abuse if they are alone. 1 2 3 4 5 Fleeing Saudi teen’s big mistake Popular CBD casual dining restaurant closes doors Severe thunderstorm warning issued for FNQ Pregnant man’s brutally honest warning Vegans blowing up over menu ban Cairns-based artist Luisa Manea is turning her passion and talents into a viable business enterprise Source: Letters Letter of the Week tended victims? This would have to be done under strict supervision by psychologists, who have thoroughly researched the individual they’re working on and understand what it was in their past that turned them into a monster in the first place. So I’m not suggesting we give them a party drug and send them out clubbing. Far from it. In fact, if it’s successful, I think we’d need to keep those we’ve managed to change on a suicide watch. Until they learn how to deal with a guilt they’ve never known before. But if it works like I hope it would, it would mean we could turn dangerous sociopaths into functioning members of society, which has to be preferable than locking them up for years and then keeping them under observation for the rest of their lives, with all the costs that imposes on the rest of us. I realise that this wouldn’t satisfy the public’s desire for vengeance. But vengeance is not justice and never has been. And isn’t it better to fix a problem rather than exacerbate it? FAIR Fair Go GO Have strong opinions, write in an engaging way? You could win our Letter of the Week, and with it a book from our friends and sponsors, the publishers HarperCollins. This month’s book prize is For readers who loved y? Send them to PO Box 126, Cairns 4870 or email [email protected] FORTHE FARNORTH h FairGo4Us/ FairGo4Us The Woman in the Green Dress. Remarkable Creatures, The Naturalist’s Daughter The Birdman’s Wife Roadside shooter and comes the new book from bestselling author, Tea Cooper. is a deadly 19th century mystery to satisfy you this summer. Green – the colour of envy, the colour deep within an opal, the colour of poison. THE article about “roadside shooter “is about the must ridiculous article I’ve seen in the newspaper since I started reading it in about 1965. A sign at Aurukun, sure, not good. But if you drive around locally there are plenty to see. Look carefully at the damaged signs and try and envisage the consequences of what might have happened to those who live in the distance behind them. It’s scary. Cairns Post The Woman in the Green Dress Best letter competition runs until January 19 next year. Entries close each Thursday at 5pm. The winner is selected by 2pm each Friday. Book of the month valued up to $49. Entrants agree to the Competition Terms and Conditions located at and our privacy policy. Entrants consent to their information being shared with HarperCollins for the express purpose of delivering prizes. Tweets entertainment/ competitions, Share your thoughts with our community at Barry Braes, Mareeba Sex offender’s register TheCairnsPost I’D like to propose an alternative to Dutton’s sex offender’s register, which will only be counter-productive and could encourage vigilante violence. Demonising sex offenders will just isolate them, leaving them bitter and more likely to reoffend. Why don’t we try to get inside their heads and fix whatever it was that turned them into a broken human? I think the basic problem of sex offenders is a lack of empathy. They see their victims as objects to be used, not human beings.Or they couldn’t do what they do to them. So why not use the empathy drug MDMA to get inside their defensive wall and change their perception of their in- Closure needs some thought BOB Manning is to be congratulated for spending money on the Esplanade boardwalk. People exercising and walking into the CBD as well as tourists are really being looked after. On a related issue, the question of changing the Esplanade by closing it to some or all traffic will need to be taken to all Cairns residents. Perhaps the council might want to do some professional community engagement on this? Thorough and authentic feedback needs to be sought from tens of thousands of residents on the proposal. In depth, interdepartmental consultation and proper conversations with all city businesses needs to occur, at the very least. One very sensible and democratic way to solve the question would be for the issue to be taken to next year’s local government election. With State Government plans yet to be made public, waiting 15 months might, at this stage, be a good idea. Where to find the best #FNQ barbecue spots #Cairns #backyardtourist @TheCairnsPost @CairnsGBR @councilcairns Gary Smith, Ravenshoe Fraudulent ATO warrant MY wife and I have had the unfortunate experience of suffering a fraudster claiming to be from the ATO regarding socalled tax evasion and listing a Federal Police warrant for arrest. We have learned this fraud is currently prevalent and catching many severely. Should you experience such a fraudster, call the ATO fraud line on 1800 008 540 for fraud verification and to report the details of the fraud. @BatemanDan Timetrip Steve Brech, Edge Hill Ron Bauer, Cairns Texts On other matters hand, aye? And moving the Cairns temperature gauge at the airport gave record heat? But we’re supposed to believe BOM’s human-caused climate change phooey? Spare us this rubbish. far better averages? Can you imagine watching Khawaja and Renshaw at the crease together? It would take them two days to make 100 runs between them, a pair of statues that belong in an Egyptian museum. Oh, I forgot, Hohns and Chappell are Queenslanders. Nothing else matters. Miss T ( 11/01). Have to agree. BOM have excelled in incorrect guesswork this past week. 100 per cent. CP, 1872: Tin discovered at Tenterfield, NSW. The US House of Representatives rejects a proposal to give women the vote. A Boeing 747 arrives at London’s Heathrow Airport after its first proving flight from New York. Death of British crime writer Dame Agatha Christie. Brisbane’s Gateway Bridge opens, (above) with 5000 cars passing every hour. US Congress grants President George Bush authority to use force to drive Iraq from Kuwait. An earthquake devastates Haiti, killing 230,000 people, injuring 300,000 and leaving more than one million homeless. Tennis great Billie Jean King joins calls for Margaret Court’s name to be stripped from the arena at Melbourne Park due to the Australian champion’s vocal campaign against homosexuality. Tell us what U think TXT us now on 1915: JK, Yorkeys Knob Old Jim, Innisfail On the high-rise bat attack ( 11/01). If greenies cared for either bats or humans they’d help move bats out of towns. Bats survive warm weather better in rainforest. Humans have a right to be batfree at home. But for greenies it’s always about creating conflict and discord. CP, 0416 905 300 1970: Good to see JCU score well on something ( 11/01). They’re second “most hostile to intellectual freedom” and second worst for “free speech on campus”. Read it yourself in the Institute of Public Affairs third ‘Free Speech on Campus Audit, 2018’. CP, William, Palm Cove Keep your message short, include your name and suburb. Your TXT messages will be printed in TXT language. Normal call costs apply. Please check The Cairns Post website for our privacy policy at 1976: Pterodactyl Trev ( 10/01) blames Greens for the loss of manufacturing and other jobs to the third world. Large companies do this as a lazy way to boost profits and their director fees. It is the LNP not the Greens who foster this corporate greed in exchange for campaign funding. CP, 1986: Pterodactyl Trev, Cairns Prof. S, Kuranda 1991: Our government gets rid of its PMs at an alarming rate … why doesn’t the US do the same with their tantrum-throwing President who has partially shut down the government without a thought to the chaos this is causing. On Esplanade closure Re: Cricket selection and selectors. What a joke, the pyramids of Egypt are a wonder of the world. Hohns and Chappell should be wondering what they are going to do next in their careers. They are both part of an ancient past. Hohns, what’s his claim to fame? Just an ordinary cricketer, nothing special. How does Renshaw get a game ahead of other shield players with Re: Tony, Cairns. Closing the Esplanade for six weeks on a temporary basis is a great idea. However, make it for 40 days and nights and the proponents of closure of the Esplanade will see the true meaning of Jesus in the wilderness. Jesus did not back up for a second 40 days. MGB, Kanimbla Heights 2010: So the ABC has been underpaying its casuals ( 11/01). Just like 7-11 stores then. Like 7-11, the ABC’s bosses gave themselves large bonuses. Unlike 7-11, the ABC used our money. Shut it down. CP, Pam, Bayview Heights 2018: Golden Gumboot ( 11/1). So repositioning a rain gauge gave Babinda the upper CP, Margaret, Cairns Sally, Park Ridge The week that was WHAT YOU MISSED IF YOU DIDN’T READ THE CAIRNS POST THIS WEEK PRIVACY POLICY: Our privacy policy includes important information about our collection, use and disclosure of your personal information (including to provide you with targeted advertising based on your online activities). It explains that if you do not provide us with information we have requested from you, we may not be able to provide you with the goods and services you require. It also explains how you can access or seek correction of your personal information, how you can complain about a breach of the Australian Privacy Principles and how we will deal with a complaint of that nature. Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday BUSINESSWEEK PAGE 4 PAGE 3 EXCLUSIVE SUBSCRIPTIONON OFFER P11 KIDS AS HOLIDAYS TICK OVER GREAT IDEAS ON WHAT TO DO WITH THE OFFICERS TO CAPE JOBS ‘TRY BEFORE YOU APPLY’ TACTIC LURES SAFE IMAGE AT RISK VIOLENT BRAWLS PUT QUIRKY KURANDA’S TAXES EARLY — 10 WAYS TO TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR DRIVING MESSAGE IN ROYAL COMPANY $5 PER MONTH FOR THE FIRST 3 MONTHS* PAGE 8 FAR NORTH ROAD TOLL: P4-5 DETAILS BILLY’S POLO CROWD: P3 CAIRNSPOST.COM.AU - $1.70 WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 9, 2019 - COM.AU - $1.70 TUESDAY, JANUARY 8, 2019 - CAIRNSPOST. COM.AU - $1.70 FRIDAY, JANUARY 11, 2019 - CAIRNSPOST. Paramedics crawl on board diverted plane to retrieve dead passenger EYEFUL TOWER COM.AU - $1.70 THURSDAY, JANUARY 10, 2019 - CAIRNSPOST. peek-a-view inside and out Flash Esplanade five-star hotel gives AIRLINE DEATH DRAMA It’s a pain in the grass Big gumboots to fill in 2019 CAIRNSPOST.COM.AU - $1.70 MONDAY, JANUARY 7, 2019 - bybyby thethethelongllonglongsoutheonggrgrassgrassgrassassatatatthethethesouthernsouthernsouthernrn DIVISIONDIVISION 33CrCrCathCathyy ZeigerZeiZeiZeigergerr isisisdwarfeddwarfeddwarfed BretttBrettBrettrBreteBreBrettt HighHighHighway.way.way. SheSheSheandandandandfffellowellowellow councillor approachesapproachesonproachesofofCairnsCairnsononthethetheBruceBruceBruce south entrancesentrancesentrances ttotobotobothboththe nor th and OldsOlds arearefrusfrustratedtrated byby thethe unkemptunkemptunkempt CUT : PAGE 7 sides of the city . WHY IT ISN’T BEING grasssouthessatthe rnrn southeonggrassatthe the Bruce High way. She at the southe southonggrassatthe grass t rfed ong ger is dwarfed by the l s ON 3 Cr Cath y Zei C DIVISION ION coun and f ellow fellow nd d way McLean PARRAMATTA Park resident Abby may well empty out her golden gumboot t rainfall but the national a ward for the mos have to in a year goes to ... W ell, you’ll just wer along turn to Page 5 to f ind out the ans with some other intere sting facts. onapproachesofCairns the unkempt entrances boo onpppofCairns onhesofCairns e north so uth booo b t theentreunkempt unkemptentrempt entrp he Olds are frus trated by HEAT IS COMING WHAT’S IN THE GAUGE? PLAYINGPLAYING FOR $80M FINE FORM FOR BASH: P48 GET READY TO MEASURE RAIN AGAIN: PAGES 6-7 RAMA WHAT’S IN STORE FOR US DREAMERS RUSH FOR TICKETS TO MEGA LOTTO JACKPOT: P3 BALCONY ATTACK A STAR FADES AT GLOBES CHRIS CALCINO WE’RE SICK AND TIRED [email protected] seeks action Hospital staffing worry as nurses union W A THE city’s hottest new hotel is surely living up to its reputation – offering views inside and out of its iconic glass tower. Residents are reporting being able to see naked hotel guests at Crystalbrook Collections’ 12-storey tower at Riley on The Esplanade. Crystalbrook CEO Mark Davie said they didn’t want to inhibit views but were investigating darker tinting. PePennyy warms to return visit THEGOOD SNAKEOYL SCRATCHED BY A BAT: P3 FNQ’S SMART EARNERS universities make it pay Report shows graduates from our GAGA’S SMASH MOVIE FALLS SHORT AT AWARDS: PAGE 11 Nina GERMAN tourists Patrick Kraut and Swobodnik soaked up the tropical at sunshine while relaxing on t he beach ld Palm Cove. But more w et and wi the weather could be on the way as its ghost of ex-Cyclone Penny makes xt few way towards the coas t in the ne days. FULL S TORY PAGE 6 DANIEL BATEMAN [email protected] THE NAKED TRUTH PAGE 7 PARAMEDICS have been forced to crawl on board a plane to remove the body of a dead passenger a fter the flight was diverted to Cairns In ternational Airport. Air New Zealand flight ANZ80, bound for Auckland, arrived in Cairns from Hong Kong about 2.30am yesterday after it was understood a male passenger died aftersuffering a medical 9. emergency on boardthe Boeing 787- Airport sources have described what arhappened shortly after the plan e errived on the tarmac as a “comedy of rors”. It is understood there was no ground crew available to operate an SCOTT’S TOUCH OF GUILT for emergency services workers. “They found a smal l set of stairs, which they put up to the aircraft door,” the source said. “They were totally insufficient. The top paramedics had to put their kit on of those stairs, and stan d on that, and they were still only chest high to the door.” GLASS TOWER: Cliff Kovacs, of Manunda, inspects the new Rile y tower while walking along the Esplanade. Crystalbrook Collection is investigating darker tinting. aerobridge because the airport was closed at that time of day. An aviation source said also the pilot did not want to use the aerobridge by to prevent passengers being shocked the sight of a dead body bei ng taken through the aircraft. A mobile set of stairs was then reto quested, however, they were found be the wrong sizefor the large aircraft. This caused a major access problem YOUR 7-DAY GUIDE TO TV ROADSIDE SHOOTER using sign as a target Police investigate reports of gunman curing full-time work immediately after gradu ating, but were among the highest earners in the country. Almost 80 per cent of JCU and CQU students secured full-time employment on graduating, compared to 66.8 per cent and 68 per cent for Griffith and QUT. MATTHEW KILLORAN A SWING AT GAL Nova chief’s quiet trip PETE MARTINELLI [email protected] JAMES Cook Unive rsity and CQUniversity campuses in Cairns are outperforming some of the big names in Brisbane. The 2018 Graduate Outcomes Survey, to be released today, shows JCU and CQU not o nly had the highest percentage of graduates se- CALL FOR CAUTION COWBOY’S SAD DAY IN COURT: PAGE 5 of a POLICE are investigating reports trigger-happy gunman on Cape York after bullet holes were found in a sign. Aurukun resident and experienced tracker Aelon Walamby found spent casings near the roadside. “This happened near our town, it’s craziness ” Mr Walamby said. is calation level called at the h ospital symptomatic of chronic understaffing across the F ar North, which has left staff “extremely fatigued” from workto ing excessive overtime in an attempt fill considerable staffing gaps. CONTINUED PAGE 4 ose received 224 patients – 105 of th and Midwives Union prepares to take being transported by paramedics. the Cairns and Hin terland Hospital The surge in patient demand is the and Health Service to the industrial but first for the health service for 2019, court next week over chronic u nderfor emerdecomes on top of a hectic year staffing of the hospital’s emergency gency ward staff who treated a record partment. 72,066 patients in 12 months. CHHHS declared a “Code Yellow” the esED The QNMU, however, says at the hospital on Monday after the family group over the Christmas period. While progress on the mega Spence St development ha s been slow, Mr Seng was determined to keep his visit strictly a holiday. THE $550 million Nova Ci ty project has received a lot of attention but the man behind the plans is keeping low-key. Aspial chief executive an d chairman Koh Wee Seng, of Singapore, has enjoyed a quiet visit to the Far North with a DANIEL BATEMAN [email protected] a DOUBTS have been cast on whether new multimillion-dollar surgical ward year set to open at Cairns Hospital this will be sufficiently staffed by nurses. It comes as the Queensland Nurses HODGO’S BOXING GOAL: P40 NIGHTLIFE PHOTOS: INSIDE PLUS CONTINUED PAGE 6 CONTINUED PAGE 4 ESPLANADE OPTIONS: P5 FULL STORY PAGE 3 FULL STORY PAGE 7 ETHEHTHTHEE REEFF OHOHHOTELTELL CASINOCASINOACACAS NO Shell 100,000 POINTS TO BE WON EACH WEEK 100,00 LOW COST KINDERGARTEN AT NO COST OR 1 AUTOMATIC ENTRY FOR EVERY $20 TURNOVER ........................................................... . .... . rs Membe Enrol Now. positions Only limited . available PLAY FROM 6PM TO ENTER PLA SP12-13 DETAIL Cnr Kenny & Draper Street, Portsmith Weekly Swim Classes Available 5 X 20,000 POINTS DRAWS 7-10PM* Free or low cost Kindergarten for children in the year before school. of the Your child will be eligible as part Queensland Government’s commitment to to provide all children with access a high-quality Kindergarten program in the year before they start school. Drop in for a tour to meet our friendly educators FREE SWIMMING, DANCING AND P.E CLASSES WEEKLY JACKPOT CASH DRAW 8PM JACKPOTS $2,000 WEEKLY TRADING HOURS: 6:30AM - 6:30PM JAJACJA ok the printing and here and here and here Lorem Ipsum is simply dummy text of Nutritious meals provided by quali⇒ed chefs! Free Bus service upon request York. TARGET: Holes in the sign o n Cape Opposite Bunnings* JAC THIS SATURDAY’S JACKPOT* NOW OPEN All Eligible Members are Automatically Entered* P3 OON SEXUAL ASSAULT CHARGES TOFACECOURTONESPLANADELAG MAN au | 2 Borrowdale Cl, Bentley Park | [email protected] Ph: 40454045 | www.childsworld. bl Responsibly | G Letters must be 150 words or fewer. Send them to PO Box 126, Cairns 4870 or email [email protected] They must include your name, home address and telephone number. Letters that can not be verified will not be published. The Cairns Post reserves the right to edit all letters and reproduce them in electronic form. should be short. 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