I'm Liz Hayes

The highly anticipated inspirational and candid bestselling new memoir from the much-loved iconic Australian TV journalist


Liz Hayes has graced our television screens for more than four decades. Millions of Australians kicked off their weeks with Liz co-hosting Channel 9's Today show, and now for over 25 years have settled into their Sunday nights to watch her investigative journalism on 60 Minutes.

From camping in grizzly bear territory to sipping tea with an Afghani warlord in an active warzone, Liz has almost seen it all. She has shared the stories of celebrities and movie stars, leaders and politicians, heroes and villains across the globe, but - after a lifetime of reporting on others - when tragedy struck her own family, Liz discovered that sometimes the hardest story to tell is your own.

Compelling and elegantly written, Liz's long-awaited memoir takes us behind the cameras and back to when Beth Ryan, the dairy farmer's daughter, became seasoned journalist Liz Hayes, and how life in the country gave way to 'controlled' crash-landings on US aircraft carriers.

Synonymous with her iconic 60 Minutes television introduction, I'm Liz Hayes, is a warm and authentic memoir about what's possible, and what it can cost you, when you choose a life of adventure.

About the author(s)

For all of her working life Liz Hayes has been a journalist. Her career has traversed newspapers and radio but predominantly, television. Liz has spent over 40 years as a reporter and presenter for Nine Entertainment and in 2021 launched (as both anchor and Managing Editor) a new program, Under Investigationwith Liz Hayes. As a senior correspondent with Nine's 60 Minutes, she has reported on some of the world's most important stories in some of the toughest locations; from Afghanistan to Turkey, Pakistan, Iran, the Arctic Circle, and just about every country in between. She has interviewed world leaders in business, sport, entertainment and politics, and covered a diverse range of stories including US presidential elections; the human horror of the Syrian refugee crisis; the devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan; and America's nuclear conflict with North Korea.

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