A New York Times bestseller! This “infectious and contagious” (“Stone Cold” Steve Austin) memoir from WWE superstar Rebecca Quin—a.k.a. The Man, a.k.a. Becky Lynch—delves into her earliest wrestling days, her scrappy beginnings, and her meteoric rise to fame.

Raised in Dublin, Ireland, in a devoutly Catholic family, Rebecca Quin constantly invented new ways to make her mother worry—roughhousing with the neighborhood kids, hosting secret parties while her parents were away, enrolling in a warehouse wrestling school, nearly breaking her neck and almost kneecapping a WWE star before her own wrestling career even began—and she was always in search of a thrilling escape from the ordinary.

Rebecca’s childhood love of wrestling set her on an unlikely path. With few female wrestlers to look to for guidance, Rebecca pursued a wrestling career hoping to change the culture and move it away from the antiquated disrespect so often directed at the elite female athletes who grace the ring. Even as a teenager, she knew that she would stop at nothing to earn a space among the greatest wrestlers of our time and to pave a new path for female fighters.

Culled from decades of journal entries, this “endearing debut memoir” (Publishers Weekly) offers a candid depiction of the complex woman behind the character Rebecca Quin plays on TV.

About the author(s)

Rebecca Quin is best known as one of WWE’s biggest superstars The Man, Becky Lynch. She is also an actor, writer, and mother. Rebecca was born in Ireland and, despite failing physical education and dropping out of college, she quickly ascended to wrestling superstardom. She was the first ever SuperGirls champion, the first SmackDown Women’s Champion, and the first woman to win the main event of WrestleMania. She has competed all over the world and has been instrumental in driving change in a traditionally male-dominated sport.


“A treat for fans of The Man and pro wrestling, with plenty of peeks behind the curtain.”

“An endearing debut memoir... [Quin] grounds her accomplishments with candid discussions of body image issues, her unglamorous pre-wrestling days as an Aer Lingus flight attendant, and moments when she acted like a ‘jerk’... Such honesty sets her account apart from other professional athlete memoirs. Even non–wrestling fans are likely to enjoy this.”
Publishers Weekly

“Becky’s writing style is infectious and contagious. Just like her personality. From hard times and hard decisions, to changing the landscape of sports entertainment, the self-described ‘underdog’ has always been destined to do great things. I’m sure there is more to come. And that’s the bottom line, because Stone Cold said so.”
—Stone Cold Steve Austin

“Quin’s story is one of perseverance, humility, and raw emotion. Her authenticity allows us to feel her struggles and mature alongside her as the story unfolds. Anyone who’s ever wondered what it takes and what it’s like to become a WWE superstar will not be able to put this down. It might just be the new Underdog’s Guide to the Galaxy. A trailblazer, a groundbreaker and a great example of my 3 favorite words…Never Give Up.”
—John Cena