A must-have for any older adult looking to easily maintain their strength and day-to-day healthfrom the comfort of home!

This is an invaluable resource for older adults looking to improve their strength and body composition without having to purchase a gym membership. Fitness coach and author Karina Inkster will teach you about the many benefits of strength training for seniors. You'll learn how to choose resistance bands, how to use them at home with a door anchor, and how to use them safely. An overview of the three types of resistance bands will help readers put together their own “mini gym” that can fit into a small bag.
A collection of 50 resistance band exercises that work all the major muscle groups will inspire readers to create—and maintain—a regular strength training practice, whether they’re working out at home, outdoors, or while traveling. Exercises vary in difficulty from beginner to advanced; this book caters to older adults of all fitness levels. Once readers are familiar with the various exercise possibilities, they’ll learn how to put together their own strength programs.

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