Fully Updated! Covering cryptocurrency and NFTs, Robinhood, GameStop, the after-effects of COVID, and how climate change impacts investing.

The Only Investment Guide You'll Ever Need has been a favorite finance guide, earning the allegiance of more than a million readers across America.Using concise, witty, and truly understandable tips and explanations, Andrew Tobias delivers sensible advice and useful information on savings, investments, preparing for retirement, and much more. This completely updated edition will show you the best way to manage your money, no matter what your means.

About the author(s)

ANDREW TOBIAS is the author of more than a dozen books, including The New York Times bestsellers Fire and Ice and The Invisible Bankers. He has been a regular contributor to such magazines as Time, New York, and Parade, and cohosted the PBS series Beyond Wall Street. 


“For all Tobias’ success, his greatest gift is… perspective. “This is the only investment guide you’ll ever need,” he writes, “not because it will make you rich beyond any further need for money, but because most investment guides you don’t need.” Need a gift for a recent graduate? This is it. And don’t be ashamed to buy a copy for yourself.” — Jesse Kornbluth, HeadButler

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