The Which of Shakespeare's Why

A Novel of the Authorship Mystery Near Solution Today


The controversy over who really wrote Shakespeare’s plays has been around almost since they were written. Was the genius behind the plays really that obscure glover’s son from Stratford? Or was it someone else entirely—a man whose class, background, education, and peculiarities make him a more than plausible candidate?

In The Which of Shakespeare’s Why, a 21st-century playwright named Harry Haines makes the case for a major contender via a play he himself is writing for a struggling New Jersey theatre company. Faced with strong disapproval from the “Stratfordites” and with the backing of supporters that sometimes takes some unusual forms, Harry attempts, against great odds, to get the play written and staged.

In the process he has to overcome his own doubts, stay on the right side of the right people, keep his romantic life under control, and deal with not only a difficult actress or two but a flock of opinionated Rockettes. Part hilarious farce, part serious critical examination, The Which of Shakespeare’s Why provides a thought-provoking look at a controversial puzzle with a surprising, ingenious, and wholly satisfying ending that Shakespeare—whoever he was—would have given a standing ovation.



About the author(s)

Leigh Light is the pen name of a writer drawn by the Shakespeare author mystery into deep biographical research. This novel that results from immersion in Elizabethan history condenses conclusions into a playfully thoughtful tale of drama today. Much like Shakespeare's comedies, it reflects serious dramatic ideas amid comedic farce.


The dramatic juxtaposition of medieval and modern spurred by conspiracies and drama provides plenty of insight and importance on the study of history and literature in the younger generation. Lovers of the mysteries of Shakespeare—and anyone fascinated by why those mysteries and the work itself remain so urgent—will enjoy and be challenged by this crisply stimulating literary experience.

Leigh Light’s delightful The Which of Shakespeare’s Why spins a hilarious tale of one man’s quest to bushwhack his way through the thicket of orthodoxies that have grown up around the English language’s greatest dramatist. Part detective story, part gleeful social satire, The Which had me chuckling along with recognition from page one.


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