Calgary Herald : 2018-11-10

CITY+REGION : 15 : A13


A13 SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 10, 2018 CALGARY HERALD Why Vote YES on November 13th Calgary has been offered a phenomenal deal. For Calgary’s $390 million investment we can unlock over $4 billion of investment into our economy. We only get this investment if we host the Games. Our economy is hurting, there is no doubt about that. We need to do something. This isn’t a choice between two good plans. This is a choice between an excellent plan or no plan at all. If not the Olympics, what? By saying YES you’re saying yes to an incredible return on our investment. YES • You’re saying to 8 years of growth and development leading up to the Games. • You’re saying to improving accessibility in and around Calgary. • You’re saying to revitalizing recreation facilities for another 30+ years. • You’re saying to leveraging our Olympic investment to make our money go further. • You’re saying to Calgary. YES YES YES YES Hosting the Olympics won’t solve all our problems, but it is a significant step towards a bright future for Calgary. Vote YES on November 13th This Ad is Paid for by Private Donors. 10131376-01_1_1

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