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YOU C13 SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 10, 2018 CALGARY HERALD Advertisement TRANQUILITY & RESTFUL SLEEP Do you suffer from stress and poor sleep? Do you wake up at night without falling back asleep? Or do you have a hard time falling asleep at all? This usually happens because the brain is still working on the stress of the day. But there is help to find in calmative natural herbs. Calm your mind to SLEEP BETTER T oo much stress and a lack of deep sleep is unhealthy. Your body will pay the toll over the years as it runs on coffee, adrenaline and little sleep. You may already have noticed symptoms like skin sagging, loss of energy, mood swings, and - more surprisingly - weight gain (especially around the abdomen), as your hunger increases and willpower drops. THE MAGIC OF CALMATIVE HERBS Luckily, there are plants and herbs that are shown to help induce a sense of calmness within minutes. In a safe but effective way, you can use these to help reduce your stress during the day or promote calmness and tranquility around bedtime. When you are calm, falling asleep and staying asleep is facilitated. LEAVE IT MORE SLEEP LESS STRESS TAKE IT Melissa DreamTM is a Scandinavian best-selling herbal supplement based on extracts of lemon balm, chamomile, and l-theanine (from tea leaves), as well as a range of b-vitamins. Melissa Dream furthermore contains magnesium, shown to relax muscles and tension. Try it today with the discount code and get 5$ OFF, at SLEEP TESTIMONIAL All I wanted was to HEADING WINTER? sleep through the night ! SOUTH FOR THE ‘‘The past few years I’ve had trouble getting a complete night sleep. I fall asleep but wake up a few hours later and just lay there. It was draining and all I wanted was to sleep through the night. NOW I AM SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT I WAS LOOKING FOR SOMETHING NATURAL So I tried Melissa Dream! I started sleeping a little better every night until, by the third night, I had a deep and wonderful sleep all night long. Now, in the mornings, I feel great and I have much more energy. SIGN UP FOR ePAPER BEFORE YOU GO I never tried medications, as I am scared of becoming dependent, so I was looking for natural solutions. When I first noticed Melissa Dream, in its yellow package, I was immediately intrigued. The ingredients made complete sense to me, as I have used many of them in teas and knew they were safe. Calgary Herald ePaper The is the exact digital replica of your daily newspaper that you can read on your computer, tablet or smartphone. My sleep is back to normal, and I am so much better at tackling the chores of the day. I am truly happy I found this product!” Perfect for travel, with adjustable font sizes and an audio version, it keeps you connected to Calgary while away. Christie R., Ontario 6 STEPS FOR BETTER SLEEP · Set regular bedtime · Cut out late night caffeine · Avoid stressfull activities before bedtime · Avoid big heavy meals in the evening · Dim your lights down and set the mood for slumber · Use a natural sleep aid like Melissa Dream, 30 minutes before bedtime TRY IT FREE NOW: Available at participating pharmacies, health food stores and online. For more information or to buy visit our website or call Always read the label and follow the instructions prior to use. Results may vary. 1-877-696-6734. Online Store 10128473-01_1_1 10125442-02_1_1

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