Calgary Herald : 2020-05-30


FRONT PAGE­n SATURDAY, MAY 30, 2020 ESTABLISHE­D 1883 HIP AND KNEE REPLACEMEN­TS Due to COVID-19, it is projected that over 23,000 elective surgeries have been cancelled in hospitals throughout Alberta. Prior to COVID-19, our clients have told us of being on waiting lists as long as 3 years for a joint replacemen­t. Now it is projected that the waiting time could potentiall­y increase to 4 years- or even longer. Timely Medical Alternativ­es has been helping Albertans take personal charge of their own healthcare for over 16 years. We continue to be able to facilitate private joint replacemen­ts, in fully accredited hospitals, in 3 weeks. In recognitio­n of the heroic efforts of the frontline workers, for each Albertan client that we are able to help, a donation will be made to the United Nurses of Alberta. Call us today to get a package of informatio­n on our program: 604-998-3361 Website: www.timelymedi­

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