Prairie Post (West Edition) : 2021-02-12

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2 Friday, February 12, 2021 - Prairie Post West - Henry Sullivan Upcoming Auctions: REALTOR® GP UP XXX HXBDPVOUSZ DPN GPS DPNQMFUF MJTUJOH 403-315-4287 Let’s talk about your next investment... February 20 -Auto & RV Auction 10:00 AM Live Webcast 413, 75 1 Ave S RIO VISTA 1305 19 Ave Coaldale 1401 Dirkson Drive NE, Redcliff, AB Cars, Trucks, Vans, SUV's, RV's Look for the Carfax link under each lot (with exception of City of Medicine Hat Vehicles) SOLD A RARE FIND ..... SOUTH EAST FACING CONDO. Well maintained 4th floor unit, 2 large bedrooms, master with ensuite and walk-in. Corner unit with bright clean kitchen, 2nd bathroom and den/ office. Establishe­d area of Coaldale. 2 bedroom home on fully serviced and landscaped lot. Great fixer upper with suite potential down. February 27 - Consignmen­t Auction 10:00 AM Live Webcast 1401 Dirkson Drive NE Redcliff, AB Includes Estate Shop Closeout plus more coming in daily $267,900 $185,000 MLS® A1060883 MLS® A1066107 Check the Website for Details & Updates 1606 20 Avenue Coaldale 914 7 St S SELLING 100' x 140' LOT IN DOWNTOWN COALDALE (1-4 LOTS 25 X 140) 3 bdrm main floor with 1 bath. Ready for your TLC! Needs furnace checked. Electrical w/ double 50 amp panel. SOLD AS IS Great south side location offers fully serviced, irregular lot, landscaped, mature trees with overall good potential. Full height developed basement with side entrance and is self contained. Contact Kathy & Trevor at 403-594-9995 Monday - Friday between 9 & 4 1401 Dirkson Drive NE Redcliff, AB $425,000 $175,900 MLS® A1035634 MLS® A1028603 $FMM r &NBJM CALL HENRY TODAY 403-315-4287! XXX HXBDPVOUSZ DPN Discover Lethbridge’s Industrial Park Shovel snow safely this winter The beauty of freshly fallen snow is undeniable. Such beauty compels millions of people across the globe to ski and snowboard each winter, while millions more enjoy simply looking out their windows at snow-covered landscapes. If it was as convenient as it is beautiful, snow would likely be welcomed with open arms whenever the local weatherper­son includes it in his or her forecast. But heavy snowfall GER FI MRGSRZIRMI­RX QEOMRK MX HMƾGYPX XS travel and even creating more work for individual­s responsibl­e for shoveling their driveways and walkways. Shoveling snow can increase a person’s risk for injury, and some may be surprised to learn just how frequently such injuries happen. Sprains and strains in the back and shoulders are the most common injuries when shoveling snow. But people also can suffer laceration­s and injuries related to below-freezing temperatur­es when shoveling snow. ƍ 7XVIXGL FIJSVI WLSZIPMRK .YWX PMOI ]SY would do before exercising in a gym, stretch prior to picking up your snow shovel. Warm up your muscles with some light exercise for 10 minutes to reduce your risk of sprains, strains and muscle tears. ƍ 7XE] L]HVEXIH ERH XEOI JVIUYIRX FVIEOW ƍ %ZSMH WLSZIPMRK WRS[ MJ ]SYƅVI EX VMWO JSV heart attack. Some people should avoid WLSZIPMRK WRS[ IRXMVIP] %GGSVHMRK XS the Harvard Medical School, researcher­s correlated hospital admissions and deaths due to heart attack the day after it snowed in Canada between 1981 and 2014. Researcher­s found that the deeper the snow, the more men died of heart attacks. In fact, researcher­s found that there was a 34 percent increase in heart attack deaths the day after an eight-inch snowfall, and those rates increased when snowfall increased. Most deaths were men, but both men and women who are at risk of heart attack should avoid shoveling snow, TEVXMGYPEV­P] EJXIV LIEZ] WRS[JEPP %HYPXW who are unsure of their heart health should consult with their physicians prior to shoveling snow. ƍ 9WI XLI VMKLX IUYMTQIRX )VKSRSQMG WRS[ shovels can make shoveling less taxing, reducing your risk for sprains and strains. Spacing hands on the tool grip can increase leverage, making shoveling easier and less likely to lead to injury. ƍ 4YWLMRK WRS[ MRWXIEH SJ PMJXMRK MX 8LI %%37 VIGSQQIRHW TYWLMRK VEXLIV XLER lifting snow when possible. If snow must be lifted, squat with your legs, knees bent and back straight. When lifting, lift with your legs and do not bend at the waist. Scoop small amounts of snow at a time and walk to [LIVI ]SY [ERX XS HYQT 8LI %%37 [EVRW against holding shovels full of snow with arms outstretch­ed, as doing so puts too much weight on the spine. Snow should not be thrown over the shoulder, as such a technique requires a twisting motion that puts stress on the back. In addition, the %%37 RSXIW XLEX LIEZ] [IX WRS[ WLSYPH be removed in pieces and not all at once. %R]SRI GER KIX MRNYVIH [LMPI WLSZIPMRK snow. Such injuries are preventabl­e when certain safety measures are taken.