Prairie Post (West Edition) : 2021-02-12

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Ag - Matters

20 Friday, February 12, 2021 - Prairie Post West - 306-689-2666 bonoholdin­ AGI U - Trough Auger Less cracks than convention­al augers **Up to 9,000 Bus/hr **NEW BATCO** BCX3 The WHEATHEART 44’ U-TROUGH AUGER C/W 38HP Kohler EFI Engine or 37HP Vangaurd EFI Engine Triple Groove Electric Clutch SP Kit Reversible Gear Box ¡ ¡ ¡ The **NEW** BCX3 ¡ All Commodity Conveyor Designed to be used with all crop commoditie­s as well as fertilizer. Wheatheart “STORM FX” Seed Treater BCX3 –Ergonomic Command Centre rEasily control the new electronic throttle, clutch, lights, start/stop and hydraulics all from one location Treat up to 1800 Bushels per hour ACCURATELY BCX3 -Turbo Clean Wash System BCX3 –Down Spout “Straight Down Flow” rSimply hook up a garden hose to the new system and it rinses the conveyor from the inside out while the conveyor is running empty. most debris including fertilizer and oilseed residue from the back side of the belt and inside of the tube reducing belt stress and wear while preserving belt length. rTrucks rDownspout­s can now be centered under the discharge won’t be as necessary for this unit, so users can keep the conveyor at a lower working angle which increases capacity. scraper included on the base to keep residue off the back side of the belt. included on the top to keep the grain side of the belt clean. rWashes rBelt Built for Durability, Longevity & Capacity rBrush XTA 8 XTA 10 31’ - 51’ | up to 3,500 BPH 31’ - 51’ | up to 5,500 BPH AGI’s newest truck auger has been engineered to perform at optimum levels when farms need it most. The XTA is an X-Treme Truck Auger built for durability, longevity Self-Leveling Motor, Banded Belts, Hardened Upper Sprockets With Chain Tightener Drive, Reversible Gear Box, LED Working Lights, Self-Propelled Goosenecks, Pick your color to match your wife’s truck 7’x14’ Dump Starting at $14,250