Prairie Post (West Edition) : 2021-02-12

The Country Bargainer : 9 : 9

The Country Bargainer

Friday, February 12, 2021 9 - Prairie Post West - Alta Newspaper Group LP t Lethbridge 403-320 5400 Grande Praire 780-830-2400 Medicine Hat 403-526-0925 Calgary 403-279-3355 Toll-Free 877-414-4043 • Meridian Archwalls • Grain Storage • Cold Storage • Farm Shops • Rigid Frame • Frameless Buildings • Riding Arenas • Barns • Stables • Grain Bins • Grain Rings • Hoppers www.southwestd­esignandco­ Serving Southern Alberta & Southweste­rn Saskatchew­an the COUNTRY BARGAINEER Moving past an eating disorder t "DDFQU UIF UIPVHIU BT ZPVS FYQFSJFODF knowing that your thinking took some time to form this pattern. It will take some time to learn to think in a different way. Try mindfulnes­s-based stress reduction to help you with accepting difficult situations and experience­s or negative thoughts and feelings. t 4QFOE UJNF XJUI PUIFS QFPQMF (FU to know them. Do not spend time repeating negative things to yourself. COURTESY ALBERTA HEALTH SERVICES The first week of February ws National Eating Disorder Awareness Week. People who have an eating disorder often become preoccupie­d with negative thoughts about themselves. It is often hard for them to think healthy or balanced thoughts. Although it is impossible to stop all negative thoughts, you can reduce these thoughts with a few simple techniques. Here are some suggestion­s for you: t 3FNFNCFS UIBU ZPVS HPBM JT UP GFFM CFUter with each passing day. Ask someone you trust to remind you of that when you are feeling hopeless. t &WFSZ EBZ NBLF POF FODPVSBHJO­H statement to yourself. For example, say to yourself, “Every day, I am taking better care of myself and my body.” 3FNJOE ZPVSTFMG UIBU ZPV DBO EP UIJT Say to yourself, “I am a capable person.” t %JTUSBDU ZPVSTFMG GPS BXIJMF 1MBZ XJUI your pet, write a “thinking-of-you” note to a friend, listen to an empowering song, or imagine putting your negative thoughts in a box and sealing it shut.