Tri-County Vanguard : 2018-12-05

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NEWS A6 • WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 5, 2018 TRICOUNTYVANGUARD.CA HONOUR ■ NOW! Tickets on sale At front desk of the YMCA, Ticket Seller and at the Lottery Booth in the Yarmouth Mall Bonus Draw WINTER PARKING REGULATIONS TOWN OF DIGBY for 4 Mariners game tickets provided by Tusket FORD for the first 500 tickets purchased. (1) Under the authority of Section 202 of the Motor Vehicle Act, as Traffic Authority for the Town of Digby, I make the following temporary regulations: (a) No person shall park on any street in the Town of Digby between the hour of twelve midnight and the hour of seven o’clock in the forenoon of the same day. Ticket are now available at the Lottery Booth in the Yarmouth Mall (b) No owner or driver having control or custody of any vehicle shall during the period from one hour after any snow storm has commenced to two hours after such snow storm has stopped, park the vehicle if it is unattended by a person authorized to move and capable of the operation of same, upon any street in the Town of Digby. (2) The provisions of Subsection (1) shall not apply to: A motor vehicle of a physician or surgeon parked reasonably near his office or residence and immediately available for professional calls or a vehicle parked by a physician or surgeon who is actually engaged in his professional occupation as well as emergency vehicles. (3) It shall be an offense for any person to fail to comply with these regulations, and any such person will be liable to a penalty provided by Section 292 of the Motor Vehicle Act. $, (4) These regulations shall be in force from the 15th day of November 2018 up to and including the 15th day of April 2019. Tickets available at YMCA and ticket sellers, mall shop opens October 2018 Max 3,600 Tickets Available 902 742 1217 1 855 372 8177 902 742 7181 Call the Lottery Shop @ YMCA Yarmouth @ Ticket Price: $130 [email protected] Ed McCormick Director of Public Works Deputy Traffic Authority 7717794

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