Tri-County Vanguard : 2018-12-05

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TRI-COUNTY VANGUARD WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 5, 2018 lifestyles B1 B4 ■ “We literally lost everything. But the fire made us stronger. It never stopped us, just made us stronger.” — Stacey Doucette And since Theriault has already written three plays about Electric City, it seems a perfect fit. “We were so surprised – they came to us and proposed it, we didn’t go to them – and we will now be able to do a mini-festival and tell stories about New France,” says Theriault, listing the town of Parrsboro as an example of how theatre can help prop up developing tourism initiatives in small towns. “[Theatre] builds up and encourages other culture industries to come in – bed and breakfasts, activities and such. We figure a similar thing could easily turn Weymouth around too.” The committee has also had to reconsider its approach to the project’s eventual establishment of an interpretive centre. What was Electric City? The Stehelin family founded New France, near Weymouth, Digby County, and established an innovative lumber mill complete with a train, running water and electricity. Because there was running water and electricity here long before anywhere else in Weymouth it was dubbed Electric City. Hal Theriault, a playwright, has written stage plays about Electric City, calling it a story that was begging to be told. Two plays were about the Stehelin family, a third was about the multicultural workforce.

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