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Are you suffering from heavy and tired legs? Is the circulatio­n in your legs giving you problems getting around? Then try Active Legs – a natural health supplement proven to help alleviate symptoms related to CVI (Chronic Venous Insufficie­ncy). TM CVI AND YOUR SUFFERING LEGS TESTIMONIA­L CVI occurs when veins fail to efficientl­y send blood from the legs back to the heart. It may lead to problems such as varicose veins, ankle swelling, heavy and tired legs, leg pains, itchiness, and nighttime leg cramps. CVI is often treated with compressio­n stockings, but recent findings are showing that high concentrat­ions of polyphenol­s found in grape seed and pine bark extracts can effectivel­y help relieve the symptoms of CVI.* “I had severe leg problems some years back. My legs swelled up and the pain persisted for months. I was told I had CVI as a result of poor circulatio­n in my legs. I felt helpless and immobile. After reading about Active Legs I was impressed, and after consulting my physician, I decided to give it a try. Soon after, I noticed less swelling and pain. My legs were less heavy, and I was now able to wear my shoes again. I still take Active Legs and recommend it to anyone who suffered with their legs. It’s a great product.” - Jack M., Manitoba is produced by New Nordic, the no.1 supplier of natural health products in Scandinavi­a. Based on high amounts of pine bark and grape seed extract, Active Legs Le ™ N o TEST YOURSELF Swelling of legs or ankles? Painful or itchy legs? Active Legs is proven to effectivel­y help relieve heavy, swollen and tired legs. A he legs Varicose veins? Heavy and tired legs? Tightness around your calves? Brown colored skin near your ankles? If this sounds like you, you should try Active Legs to help relieve the sensation or heavy and tired legs. * Belcaro G., “A Clinical Comparison of Pycnogenol, Antistax, and Stocking in Chronic Venous Insu ciency.” Int J Angiol. 2015 Dec;24(4):268-74. Results may vary. Always read and follow instructio­ns prior to use. HEAVY LEGS? TIRED

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