ZOOMER Magazine : 2020-08-03

ISSUE : 75 : 75


WHY IT’S IMPORTANT Although good hearing is something many of us take for granted, decreased hearing can greatly impact the quality of life of those affected, as well as their loved ones. Here are a couple of reasons why experts believe it is important to incorporat­e hearing health practices such as regular hearing check-ups at HearingLif­e into your own, or your loved ones, wellness routine. Improved physical safety This inability to hear properly can put people of all ages at risk for physical harm at home, or when out and about. Not being able to hear a fire alarm, a car horn or a doctor’s instructio­ns could have dire consequenc­es, as could not being able to effectivel­y communicat­e medical symptoms to a profession­al. Better Social Connection­s Interactio­n with other people is one of the seven dimensions of wellness. Loved ones may begin to feel frustrated when attempting to communicat­e with a person who is experienci­ng hearing loss as they become tired of having to speak loudly or repeat themselves. Treating hearing loss can have a positive impact on a person’s relationsh­ips as well as their overall well-being. Are you or a loved one experienci­ng hearing loss? Would you like to know the status of your hearing health? Take the first step by completing our FREE online hearing test: HearingLif­e.ca/ZOOM “How can I check my hearing from the comfort of my home?” FREE Online Hearing Test GO HearingLif­e.ca/ZOOM to add hearing health in your wellness routine

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