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TELEVISION 62 Friday, May 3, 2019 Daily Mail, BBC1 BBC2 ITV CHANNEL 4 (HD) (HD) Morning magazine featuring a lively mix of news and current affairs. (HD) A topical mix of entertainm­ent, discussion and showbiz glamour, as well as fashion. (HD) (HD) A mix of celebrity chat, lifestyle features, advice and competitio­ns. (HD) Celebrity interviews and topical debate from a female perspectiv­e. Weather (HD) Weather (HD) (HD) A man seeks to claim for two water filter bottles he loaned to a friend, which were not returned. A woman seeks £420 for the amount owed on various loans she made to her daughter. (R,HD) In Blackburn, Fay Rutter is overrun with gold, David Hakeney has a cheeky bid on a monkey, David Ford is snap happy, and Karen Dalmeny caps it all off; (R,HD) (R,HD) (R,HD) (R,HD) (AD,R) (AD,R) (AD,R) 6.00 Breakf ast 9.15 Countr yfile Diaries 10.00 Homes Under the Hammer 6.00 Good Morning Britain 6.30 The Repair Shop 7.15 The Customer Is Always Right 6.25 Cheers 6.55 Cheers 7.20 Cheers 7.45 F rasier 8.10 F rasier 8.40 F rasier 9.10 E verybody Loves Raymond 9.40 Everybody Loves Raymond 10.10 Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares USA 11.05 Car SOS 12.00 Channel 4 News Summary 12.05 Couples Come Dine with Me (HD) (AD,R,HD) Snacks made of insects and a portable cleaning device. (AD,BSL,R,HD) (HD) (AD,R,HD) Properties in Hampshire, the West Midlands and Croydon. 8.30 L orraine 8.00 Walks of Life 9.00 BBC News at 9 10.00 Live Snooker: The World Championsh­ip 11.00 The Customer Is Always Right (AD,HD) Customers test out three new products, including a fully adjustable hammock. (AD,R) (AD,R) 9.25 The Jeremy Kyle Show 10.30 This Morning (HD) David Gilbert v John Higgins. Seema Jaswal presents coverage from the Crucible Theatre in Sheffield, where the first semifinal continues. With commentary and analysis from Steve Davis, Ken Doherty, Stephen Hendry, Alan McManus, John Parrott, Dennis Taylor and John Virgo (HD) The results of the elections in England and Northern Ireland. (R,HD) A freak wave is encountere­d by two men rowing the Atlantic. (AD,HD) Weather (HD) Weather (AD,HD) Ayesha starts to wonder if she’s taken on too much. A mysterious piece of underwear causes intrigue at The Mill. (HD) Quiz show. (R,HD) A couple seek a Welsh retreat. (HD) Further coverage as the votes are counted in this year’s local elections. (HD) The team restore a bike with a patriotic past, a threadbare teddy on wheels and a Victorian firefighte­r’s helmet. (HD) Quiz show, hosted by Alexander Armstrong. Weather (HD) Weather (R) Flamangos in New Jersey. (AD,R,HD) A Ford Capri Mk1. (HD) 11.45 Close Calls: On Camera 12.30 L oose Women 12.15 Bargain Hunt 1.00 BBC News at One; 1.30 BBC Regional News; 1.45 Doc tors (R,HD) From Cheltenham. (R,HD) (HD) With Al Murray. (R,HD) 1.30 Ne ws; 1.55 R egional News; 2.00 Judge Rinder 1.05 Escape to the Chateau 2.10 Countdo wn 3.00 A Place in the Sun 4.00 A New Life in the Sun: Where Are They Now? 12.00 Elec tion 2019 (HD) How business is going for the British hairdresse­r first featured three years ago. (R,HD) The B&B owners meet to find out what they have been paid and to settle scores. (HD) Aggy Dadan takes on a double commission. Last in series. (AD,R) Principal Skinner uses his Counter Truancy Unit to thwart a possible terror attack at Springfiel­d Elementary. (AD,R,HD) Darren makes a huge accusation about Kyle. 2.15 Impossible 3.00 Escape to the Country 1.00 Live Snooker: The World Championsh­ip (HD) Gary Wilson v Judd Trump. Hazel Irvine presents further coverage of the second semi-final. This is only Wilson’s second appearance in the championsh­ip, while Trump was a runner-up in 2011 and lost at this stage in 2013 and 2015. (HD) Quiz show. 5.00 Four in a Bed 3.00 Dickinson’ s Real Deal 3.30 Elec tion 2019 5.30 Extreme Chocolate Makers 4.30 The Repair Shop Regional Weather (HD) Game show, hosted by Ben Shephard. (HD) Sayce, Fiona, Jack and Cath take on today’s Chaser. Weather (HD) Weather (HD) 4.00 Tipping Point 6.00 The Simpsons 6.00 Eggheads 6.30 The Farmers’ Country Showdown 5.00 The Chase 5.15 P ointless (HD) Highland farmers Simon and Emma are showing their finest bull at the Great Yorkshire Show. 6.00 R egional News; 6.30 Ne ws; 6.30 Holly oaks 6.00 6.30 BBC News at Six; BBC Regional News; 7 8 9 10 11 12 (HD) Angellica Bell and Rylan Clark-Neal host. (AD,R,HD) Mavis goes to a wedding, but Gastric warns Granville of the danger of leaving her alone in a romantic setting. (HD) 7.00 Emmerdale PM 8.00 Eas tEnders PICK 8.30 A Question of Sport PICK PM 9.30 The Looming Tower PICK PM 10.00 BBC News at Ten 10.25 BBC Regional News 10.20 The Mini Mash Report 10.00 Se x Tape 10.30 Newsnight ◆ FILM PM 11.25 Sex on the Couch 11.05 Firs t Dates 11.55 Oper ation Avalanche ◆ FILM CHOICE PM (AD,R,HD) Eve undertakes her first surveillan­ce operation, and Villanelle is sent to England. Weather for the Week Ahead (HD) BBC News (HD) (R,HD) A singer from Derbyshire explores three men’s homes. Jackpot247 (HD) All Star Mr & Mrs (R,HD) With Kelvin Fletcher, Gemma Merna and Mr Motivator. ITV Nightscree­n (HD) (HD) FILM: Fright Night (2011) (15) (HD) See Critics’ Choice. Chimerica (AD,BSL,R,HD) Lee and Dean (AD,BSL,R,HD) French Collection (R,HD) Food Unwrapped (R,HD) Jamie’s Comfort Food (R,HD) The £100k Drop (R,HD) 12.10 Killing Eve 1.25 Scandal in the Church of England — Panorama 12.30 Back to Mine 12.05 Four to the Floor (BSL,R) David Bowie: Finding Fame (AD,BSL,R,HD) The story of five years early in the rock icon’s career. This Is BBC2 ◆ FILM CHOICE 12.55 12.55 1.00 3.50 MNT ■ ● ◆ Family viewing PRINTED AND DISTRIBUTE­D BY PRESSREADE­R PressReade­r.com +1 604 278 4604 . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY ORIGINAL COPY COPYRIGHT AND PROTECTED BY APPLICABLE LAW 7.00 The One Show 7.00 Live Snooker: The World Championsh­ip (HD) David Gilbert v John Higgins. The third and penultimat­e session of the opening semi-final at the Crucible Theatre in Sheffield, where eight frames are scheduled to be played. (HD) The two remaining chefs from Wales try to impress the judges. (HD) Adam Frost plants up his gravel garden with spring colour. See Critics’ Choice. 7.00 Channel 4 News 7.30 Still Open All Hours 7.30 Coronation Street (AD,HD) The comedian meets the Emerald Isle’s last traditiona­l matchmaker. See Critics’ Choice. 8.00 John Bishop’s Ireland (AD,HD) Chas is left unconvince­d by a promise. (AD,HD) Gemma plans to live with her mum, and Mary discovers that Jan has trifled with her affections. 8.00 Great British Menu 8.00 Jamie’s Quick & Easy Food (AD,HD) Jamie Oliver cooks a speedy Asian tuna steak salad. 8.30 Gardeners’ World (AD,HD) The FBI begins its investigat­ion into the embassy bombings in Kenya and Tanzania. See Pick of the Day. 8.30 Joe Lycett’s Got Your Back (AD,HD) Stacey Dooley helps the host to investigat­e consumer rights and justice. 8.30 Coronation Street 9.00 Have I Got News for You (AD,HD) Stacey races to Sean and Jean. (R,HD) Bianca Walkden, Chris Sutton, Isa Guha and Marland Yarde join team captains Matt Dawson and Phil Tufnell. 9.00 Gogglebo x Britain’sGotTalent, LineofDuty, JeremyWade’sDark Waters, HostilePla­net, BlindDate, GameofThro­nes (AD,HD) The armchair critics share their opinions on what they have been watching, including and the News. (AD,HD) Ray and Diana, TJ and Tiffany and Sam and Stevie film their most private moments over one week, with one couple’s unusual fetish dividing opinion. (AD,R,HD) Michael, a 23-year-old neuroscien­tist and self-confessed geek, goes on a date with publishing assistant Hannah, who is hoping her dream man exists outside of her romantic novels. 2.25 3.20 3.45 12.35 9.00 The Bletchley Circle: San Francisco (AD,HD) Freda delivers a bombshell from Norris. (AD,HD) Having uncovered a covert system of police corruption, the women must go it alone, crafting a complex sting operation in order to see justice done. 9.30 Would I Lie to You? (HD) Katherine Ryan hosts, with guest panellists Andy Hamilton and Cariad Lloyd. (R,HD) With Jo Brand, Emma Bunton, Jonnie Peacock and Shaun Williamson. (HD) (Followed by Weather; National Lottery Update) (HD) With guests Keanu Reeves, Kylie Minogue, Taron Egerton, Jamie Bell and Suranne Jones. 10.00 News 10.30 R egional News (2001) (15) (AD,HD) A single woman begins a new year with resolution­s to find love, quit her bad habits and take a step up the career ladder. Her plans crumble as she tries to deal with her mother’s infidelity, get over a passionate fling with her boss and come to terms with her feelings for an uptight lawyer. Romantic comedy, with Renee Zellweger and Hugh Grant. 3.00 5.05 5.15 Generally suitable for all 4.40 Caution recommende­d 10.35 The Graham Norton Show (HD) Dana and James are desperate to recreate the spark they vividly remember. 10.45 Bridget Jones’s Diary (HD) (Followed by Weather) (HD) (Followed by Weather) 11.05 Snook er: World Championsh­ip Highlights (HD) Highlights from the satirical news show, presented by Nish Kumar. (HD) Analysis of the day’s events, presented by Mark Urban. (Followed by Weather) (HD) Hazel Irvine presents action from day 14. (2016) (15) (HD) Premiere. Thriller, starring Matt Johnson and Owen Williams. See Critics’ Choice. 1.55 3.25 (R) Repeat. (HD) High Definition. (AD) Audio Descriptio­n. (b/w) Not in colour. (BSL) British Sign Language.

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