Daily Mail : 2019-05-03

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Satellite, Cable & Digital

64 SATELLITE, CABLE & DIGITAL Friday, May 3, 2019 Daily Mail, BBC 4 E4 ITV2 Time 6 28 9 James buys Harry a car to show how grateful he is World News Today Hollyoaks You’ve Been Framed! Gold 7.00pm The day’s leading stories; Weather A comical selection of mishaps filmed by viewers Ray takes an unlikely and painful route to basketball stardom Speechless You’ve Been Framed! Gold BBC Young Dancer 2019 Contest showcasing the very best of British dance talent. The Ballet Final sees five more aspiring dancers performing at The Lowry, Salford Harry Hill observes strange mating rituals 7.30pm The Big Bang Theory You’ve Been Framed! Gold: Favourites The guys’ skills are tested by a flat tyre 8.00pm Harry Hill narrates a selection of comical clips, featuring Annette Bening and Kim Jong-il lookalikes The Big Bang Theory Top of the Pops: 1987 Howard and Raj form a band to play at the comic-book store Featuring music by Was (Not Was), Los Lobos and Erasure 8.30pm Jazz 625 Live: For One Night Only Bad Neighbours (2014,15) Casino Royale (2006,12) 9.00pm James Bond is dispatched on the trail of Le Chiffre, a criminal financing terrorist organisati­ons around the world. Bond’s investigat­ion leads to a casino in Montenegro, where he takes part in a high-stakes poker game in a bid to bankrupt Le Chiffre and put an end to his plans. Spy thriller, starring Daniel Craig in his first outing as 007. Includes FYI Daily A one-off revival of the iconic Sixties music show. Broadcasti­ng live from Cheltenham during the Jazz Festival, the special show will feature guests including Gregory Porter and Joshua Redman A suburban couple enter into a vicious game of oneupmansh­ip with the raucous student household living next door. Comedy, starring Seth Rogen, Zac Efron and Rose Byrne 9.30pm 10.00pm Top of the Pops 1977: Big Hits 10.55 Rick and Morty 10.30pm Archive performanc­es from 1977, including Rod Stewart, the Jacksons, Queen, the Stranglers, Brotherhoo­d of Man and David Bowie Rick sells a gun to an alien assassin 11.25 Robot Chicken 11.00pm A Spider-Man secret is revealed thanks to J. Jonah Jameson Even More Guitar Heroes at the BBC 11.45 Dream Corp LLC 11.55 Rick and Morty 11.50 Family Guy 11.30pm Peter loses his wallet at a Barry Manilow concert (To 12.25) Featuring Status Quo and the Who (To 12.20) Rick helps Jerry out with the dog (To 12.25) A-Z SATELLITE LISTINGS ALIBI ITVBE 7.30 11.00 10.55 Kolkata Knight Riders. MotoGP: ICYMI. Live Ligue 1. Strasbourg v Marseille. Bundesliga Special. MLB: Caps Off. AFL. Live Snooker: World Championsh­ip. Snooker: World Championsh­ip. Live Snooker: World Championsh­ip. Snooker: World Championsh­ip. European Rally Championsh­ip. Guide to the Mob. Ronnie O’Sullivan’s American Hustle. or Away. The Great British Bake Off: The Final. Find It, Fix It, Flog It. Four in a Bed. Food Unwrapped. The Secret Life of the Zoo. The Supervet. Emergency Helicopter Medics. 7.45 9.45 5.30 6.30 12.15pm Sky 132 Virgin 126 Freeview 26 Sky 131 Virgin 119 1.15 3.50 ITV2 (DAYTIME) 12noon 1.00 The Doctor Blake Mysteries. Motive. Murdoch Mysteries. Rizzoli & Isles. Rush. Motive. Unforgetta­ble. The Doctor Blake Mysteries. Shakespear­e & Hathaway — Private Investigat­ors. The Coroner. New Tricks. 9.00am 12noon LittleBe. Income Property. The Real Housewives of New Jersey. The Bachelor. Million Dollar Listing: LA. The Real Housewives of New York City. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Buyers Bootcamp. Buying and Selling. Dinner Date. Botched. Bridezilla­s. The Only Way Is Essex. Be Beautiful. 10.15 10.30 10.00 4.55 5.55 2.00 12.25 11.55 Freeview 6 Sky 118 Virgin 115 COMEDY CENTRAL 4.00 6.00 8.00 9.00 1.20 6.55 9.25am 10.20 The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Superstore. Ultimate You’ve Been Framed! Gold. Emmerdale. You’ve Been Framed! Gold. The Ellen DeGeneres Show. The Jeremy Kyle Show: Biggest Family Feuds. Take Me Out. 5.00 7.00 2.15 3.10 Sky 112 Virgin 132 11.10 FILM4 NAT’L GEOGRAPHIC 12noon 1.00 Two Guys and a Girl. Friends. Two Guys and a Girl. Friends. Your Face or Mine: TOWIE Special. Lee Evans: XL Tour. The Comedy Bus. Bob’s Burgers. Corporate. LA to Vegas. 12.10pm 4.05 Freeview 15 Sky 313 Virgin 428 Sky 129 Virgin 266 4.00 1.15 1.40 2.35 6.00 5.00 8.30 11.00am 12.30pm 2.10 9.00am 10.00 Yukon Gold. Highway Thru Hell. Ice Road Rescue. Wicked Tuna: North v South. Wicked Tuna: Best Of. Car SOS. Air Crash Investigat­ion. Hitler’s Secret Attack on America. Nazi Megastruct­ures. Earth’s Giant Hole. Tracing Heritage. Hostile Planet. Car SOS. RIDE LONESOME. (1959) THE KILLING. (1956) THE FURIES. (1950) (PG) TWO RODE TOGETHER. (1961) (PG) THE BEST EXOTIC MARIGOLD HOTEL. (2011) (12) TAKEN. (2008) (15) OUIJA: ORIGIN OF EVIL. (2016) (15) THE RAID 2. (2014) (18) 10.00 7.00 8.00 11.00 9.00 11.00 (U) (PG) 11.00 9.00 11.55 12.45am 10.00 12noon 1.00 ANIMAL PLANET 10.30 11.30 11.00 4.20 5.50 6.35 2.00 4.00 6.00 Sky 162 Virgin 256 ITV3 (DAYTIME) 9.00 LIFETIME DAVE (DAYTIME) 12noon 1.00 2.00 Pit Bulls & Parolees. Jeremy Wade’s Dark Waters. Animal Cops Houston. Pit Bulls & Parolees. Treehouse Masters: Out on a Limb. Crocodile Hunter. Tiger Shark Beach. Pit Bulls & Parolees. Lone Star Law. I Was Prey. Animal Cops Miami. Pit Bulls & Parolees. 10.50 12.45am 7.00 Freeview 10 Sky 119 Virgin 117 Sky 164 Virgin 208 Freeview 12 Sky 111 Virgin 127 8.00 9.00am 10.05 On the Buses. George and Mildred. Agatha Christie’s Poirot: Curtain: Poirot’s Final Case. Heartbeat. Classic Emmerdale. Classic Coronation Street. Agatha Christie’s Poirot: Death on the Nile. Heartbeat. 3.00 9.00am 11.00 10.00 2.00pm 3.00 Pawn Stars. Wars. Judge Judy. Britain’s Next Top Model. Remini: Scientolog­y & Aftermath. Dance Moms. Project Runway. Pawn Stars. Judge Judy. Cults and Extreme Belief. Escaping Polygamy. Hardcore Pawn. Storage 9.00 10.00 10.00am 1.00pm 3.00 American Pickers. Cops UK: Bodycam Squad. Sin City Motors. Austin’s Broken Skull Top Gear. 10.40 4.00 11.00 5STAR (DAYTIME) 5.00 Leah the 4.00 Steve Challenge. 12.40pm 1.45 PBS AMERICA 6.00 Freeview 30 Sky 128 Virgin 151 7.00 8.00 2.50 4.00 5.00 Freeview 91 Sky 174 Virgin 276 12noon 1.00 5.00 Two and a Half Men. 3rd Rock from the Sun. Will & Grace. Neighbours. Home and Away. My Wife and Kids. Smallville. Neighbours. Home and Away. 9.00 3.55 6.00 9.00 10.00 2.00 3.30 11.30am 12.50pm 1.55 Royal Wives at War. Lost Cities of the Ancients. World’s Greatest: Animal Encounters. Jerusalem: The Making of a Holy City. Royal Wives at War. Lost Cities of the Ancients. World’s Greatest: Animal Encounters. Lost Cities of the Maya. FILM: 10.00 11.00 DISCOVERY 6.00 7.00 3.00 4.00 ITV4 (DAYTIME) Sky 125 Virgin 250 BBC ALBA 11.00 5.00 6.30 6.00 3.00 9.00am 11.00 Outback Wheeler Dealers. Battles. Combat Wheeler Dealers. Stafford: Into the Unknown. Gold Rush. Fast N’ Loud. Outback Truckers. Alaska: The Last Frontier. Heavy Rescue. Outback Pilots. Wheeler Dealers. Truckers. Baggage Dealers. Ed Freeview 24 Sky 120 Virgin 118 4.10 12noon MORE4 (DAYTIME) Sky 169 Virgin 161 9.00am 1.00pm Cycling: Tour de Yorkshire Live. River Monsters. The Car Chasers. Cycling: Tour de Yorkshire Live. World of Sport: The Good, the Bad & the Ugly. River Monsters. 5.30 6.35 1.00 7.00am 5.00pm 5.15 5 USA (DAYTIME) Alba Today. Calum Clachair: Gleann na Greine. BB agus Bellag. Ceitidh Morag. Gudrun — A’ Bhana-phrionnsa Lochlannac­h. Igam Ogam. Stoiridh. Donnie Murdo. Anull ’s a-nall. An Rud As Fhearr Leam. Machair. An La. Fraochy Bay. Bonn Comhraidh. Oran na Mna. Fuine. Air an Rathad. Balaich Ronaigh. Belladrum — Cridhe Tartan. Dhan Uisge. Skipinnish aig Barrowland. 1.25 Freeview 14 Sky 136 Virgin 147 2.00 3.00 4.00 2.30 6.15 Freeview 21 Sky 141 Virgin 153 8.55am 9.55 A Place in the Sun: Home or A Place in the Sun: Home 7.50 5.20 9.00 6.00 12noon 1.00 Away. Chicago Justice. Law & Order. Murder, She Wrote. NCIS. Access. Law & Order. 5.35 7.00 8.00 9.00 3.00 6.00 5.40 6.00 6.25 5.50 6.10 6.30 5.00 6.05 10.00 11.00 6.35 7.00 7.25 FOOD NETWORK UK RADIO 4 7.30 DRAMA (DAYTIME) Freeview 41 Sky 172 Virgin 291 n FM: 92.4-94.6MHZ; LW: 198KHZ 8.00 8.30 10.00 9.00 Freeview 20 Sky 143 Virgin 130 6.00pm 7.00 8.00 Jamie at Home. Pioneer Woman. Drive-Ins and Dives. Jamie’s American Road Trip. Mystery Diners. The Diners, 5.30 News Briefing. 5.43 Prayer for the Day. 5.45 Farming Today. 5.58 Tweet of the Day. 6.00 Today. 8.31 (LW) Yesterday in Parliament. 9.00 The Reunion. 9.00am 10.00 1.00pm Pie in the Sky. Holby City. The Bill. Classic EastEnders. Bergerac. Lovejoy. Pie in the Sky. Birds of a Feather. Brush Strokes. As Time Goes By. Classic 10.45 10.50 11.00 10.00 11.00 11.00 2.20 3.20 5.20 4.20 BT SPORT 1 6.00 FOX 6.40 Sky 413 Sky 124 Virgin 157 10.00am 2.00pm 6.00 Live WTA Tennis. Live WTA Tennis. Rugby Tonight. Live Premiershi­p Rugby Union. Harlequins vs Leicester Tigers. No Filter Boxing. MotoGP: ICYMI. IPL. MLB: Caps Off. E4 (DAYTIME) 10.00am 2.00 4.00 11.00 12noon 3.00 Monk. NCIS. The Mentalist. Monk. Bones. Mentalist. NCIS. American Dad! People who campaigned for a Scottish Parliament. Freeview 28 Sky 135 Virgin 106 Bones. NCIS. 7.00 9.00am 10.00 5.00 7.00 Baby Daddy. The Big Bang Theory. The Goldbergs. Brooklyn Nine-Nine. The Big Bang Theory. Baby Daddy. Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Speechless. The Goldbergs. The Big Bang Theory. 11.00 6.00 10.00 The Bull. 10.00 12noon 1.00 11.00 10.30 11.45 10.45 9.45 9.45 (LW) Daily Service. (FM) Book of the Week: Underland. 2.00 GOLD n 3.00 BT SPORT 2 4.00 6.00 5.00 Sky 110 12noon 12.40 2.00 Hi-de-Hi! The Green Green Grass. Citizen Khan. Last of the Summer Wine. Hi-de-Hi! The Green Green Grass. Citizen Khan. Dad’s Army. The Good The Royle Family. League of Gentlemen. Written and read by Robert Macfarlane. Sky 414 7.45am 3.15pm 4.15 Live MotoGP. World Rallycross Highlights. MLB: Caps Off. Premier League Preview. UEFA Europa League. UEFA Europa League. UEFA Champions League Magazine. Live Hockey. GB v China. MotoGP: ICYMI. UEFA Europa League. UEFA Europa League. MotoGP: ICYMI. EDEN 2.35 4.40 10.00 Woman’s Hour. Sky 166 Virgin 245 5.25 6.40 4.30 5.00 Including at 10.45 the 15 Minute Drama: Curious Under the Stars, by Alan Harris. 11.00am 1.00pm 7.15 The Hidden River. Frontier Borneo. Trust Me I’m a Vet. John Bishop’s Australia. Frontier Borneo. Trust Me I’m a Vet. The Hidden River. John Bishop’s Australia. Wonders of Africa. The Hidden River. 2.00 8.00 Life. The 6.00 7.00 3.00 4.00 9.20 10.40 5.00 7.30 9.30 6.00 9.45 HISTORY Ralph Steadman shares his passion for flying. 11.00 Beyond Tara and George. 8.00 10.45 Why so many homeless people are dying on the streets. 9.00 10.00 Sky 130 Virgin 270 11.45 9.00am 10.00 Ultimate Vehicles. I Survived 9/11: UK. Mountain Men. Forged in Fire. American Pickers. Pawn Stars. Storage Wars. Forged in Fire: Cutting Deeper. American Pickers. Ultimate Vehicles. The Definitive BT SPORT 3 11.00 EUROSPORT 1 Sky 417 12noon 1.00 Sky 410 Virgin 523 2.00 10.45am 1.00pm Live A-League. Live Hockey. Italy v Canada. The semi-finals of the Men’s FIH Hockey Series Finals. BT Sport Reload. Live IPL. Kings XI Punjab v A secret is exposed at Grange Farm. Arts news. 8.35am 3.00 5.00 7.00 Snooker: World Championsh­ip. Live Snooker: World Championsh­ip. Snooker: World Championsh­ip. 10.00 From Essex. 1.00pm 2.15 8.00 3.00 3.15 9.00 PRINTED AND DISTRIBUTE­D BY PRESSREADE­R PressReade­r.com +1 604 278 4604 . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY ORIGINAL COPY COPYRIGHT AND PROTECTED BY APPLICABLE LAW RADIO CHOICE 11.30 Hugo Rifkind’s Search for Power. 12.00 News; (LW) Shipping Forecast. YOU can hear the beat of Mahler’s heart in his Ninth — and final — Symphony. The composer died without ever having heard this heartfelt work performed. It concludes tonight’s RADIO 3 IN CONCERT (7.30PM), performed by the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra under the baton of Ilan Volkov. FRIDAY NIGHT IS MUSIC NIGHT (RADIO 2, 8PM) comes live from the 12.04 Machines Like Me. 12.18 You and Yours. 12.57 Weather. 1.00 The World at One. 1.45 The Five Faces of Leonardo. 2.00 The Archers. 2.15 Drama: First World Problems. 3.00 Gardeners’ Question Time. Cheltenham Jazz Festival, celebratin­g some of the great music that has been played in the bars, clubs and streets of Soho. Guy Barker conducts the magnificen­t BBC Concert Orchestra, and the special guests include Georgie Fame, Tommy Blaize (pictured) — one of the genius singers of Strictly Come Dancing — and Vanessa Haynes, lead singer of Incognito. 3.45 Short Works. 4.00 Last Word. 4.30 More or Less. 4.55 The Listening Project. 5.00 PM; (LW) Shipping Forecast. 5.57 Weather. 6.00 Six O’Clock News. 6.30 The News Quiz. 7.00 The Archers. 7.15 Front Row.

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