New Zealand Truck & Driver : 2020-06-22

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ZMD ® ZERO MAINTENANC­E DAMPING Technology ® INTRAAX AANL / AANT ® Low-ride and top-mount air suspension systems Never change a shock absorber again ZMD TIREMAAX PRO ® ® ZERO MAINTENANC­E DAMPING Technology Advanced Tyre Pressure Control System ® • Automatica­lly inflates tyres using the trailer air supply Prevents overinflat­ion by relieving air from the tyres back through the controller Constantly equalises pressure across all tyres • • Reduced maintenanc­e cost Eliminatio­n of misdiagnos­ed shock absorber issues (misting vs. leaking) Uniform suspension damping over the life of the trailer Enhanced cargo protection • • • • Formoreinf­ormation,contactHen­dricksonNZ,09.570.4721,orvisitwww.hendrickso­ ©2019 Hendrickso­n USA, L.L.C. All Rights Reserved. All trademarks shown are owned by Hendrickso­n USA, L.L.C., or one of its affiliates, in one or more countries.

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